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Carry on bag and sex toys

DH and I are going on vaca next week. I was planning on going to buy us a few things today. I really would like to bring handcuffs with us, however the pair we have are metal and am afraid to take those. They have cloth ones, think I could get away with those? Any things you have gotten busted for trying to carry on? I was thinking a *** ring or anal plug as well but am nervous. Lol don't want massive embarresment at the airport.

Re: Carry on bag and sex toys

  • Are you only taking a carry on bag? I would just put them in my checked luggage if not.

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  • Carry on only; its a short trip and airline we are flying on charges extra for bags.

    I wound up getting.. restraints(Cloth) a penis ring, a sexy outfit, and a anal plug.. I am figuring the restraints and outfit can go but maybe not the other stuff?

  • No metal toys! No lube! No sexy outfits with metal in them!

    You can grab lube at your destination.

    Have fun and happy travels! 

  • As long as everything you pack is within the parameters of your transportation safety board guidelines, you're fine. H used to work in baggage screening and has told me that plenty of people pack sex toys (some far more kinky than what you're bringing).  No one is going to side-eye you for it. The very worst that would happen would be that a couple of screeners would have a giggle in the break room.

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  • Put them in your checked luggage, NOT your carryon. The worst that happens, TSA removes them from your luggage and inspects them, then packs everything back again. I had a candle removed and inspected once because somehow it looked suspicious, and they just leave a little note explaining and, usually, you'd never even know otherwise. There wasn't even any delay. Now, if you put it in your carryon, you WILL have an issue. You cannot take handcuffs on a plane, I am pretty sure.
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  • ~NB~~NB~ member
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    Carry on only; its a short trip and airline we are flying on charges extra for bags.

    I wound up getting.. restraints(Cloth) a penis ring, a sexy outfit, and a anal plug.. I am figuring the restraints and outfit can go but maybe not the other stuff?

    The trip is too short for checked luggage, but you need ALL THAT?Hmm
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  • Of course we don't need all of it..but we will actually have time to have long sex sessions so want to make the most of it.  We will be gone five days, just packing light plus going to a warm destination so clothes are smaller.

    But I am now unsure if any of it will go.. the restraints have a bit of metal in them.

    Why not lube as long as its under the 3 oz liquid?

  • dude pack a couple of scarves instead of the restraints. You could also use them as blindfolds.  I would think that if you pack your toys in a manner that it's pretty obvious what they are on the scanner, they won't need to pull them out on to the table. 
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  • Lelo makes this awesome travel vibe called the "Mia".  It is super powerful, looks like a tube of lipstick and (umm amazing!) charges in the USB port of your laptop! which has saved us on our last international trip (LOL).  

    I got my Lelo from my subscription to  It was the first I've heard of Lelo but I'm sure you can find it online.  (on a separate note, if you haven't checked out bedroom chemist, it's amazing!  My bff told me about it and it totally changed my sex life with my hubby).  

  • toys4grownupstoys4grownups member
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    Its really very embarrassing getting caught at the airports with Sex toys. I have seen a teen carrying a sex toy with the luggage and getting caught.

  • toys4grownupstoys4grownups member
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  • Yeah metal handcuffs are probably not wise! But anything else I'd say is fine. My other half got stopped and had two rabbits in the bag, one for one of our friends! If you're the sort to get embarrassed then yeah it might be awkward, but it's only a sex toy. Maybe if you're really worried get something totally nonanatomical and disguised. Lipstick vibe, necklace vibe etc?
    I'd say risk it though! Good story for the grandkids one day ; ) 
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