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DH Update

Hello Ladies. It's been a while...DH continues to amaze me. I don't remember where we were with the last update but he's doing SO well. He initially thought he would attempt to go back to work this past Monday but after talking to his boss, who couldn't guarantee a lighter work load since everyone is busy, he decided to push it back until after his next doctor appointment.

Either way - DH has been able to go out on walks by himself, and just the other day (Monday) he actually took Jackson with him. Over the weekend, we went to the trail by my parent's house and DH was great. He doesn't walk at lightening speed or anything, but he's out there and moving. I'm so proud of him. He's really pushing himself. After these walks, I can tell that his ankle/foot are really tired, but it doesn't really stop him. He'll rest for most of the afternoon, but he's become a big help around the house ... again. He's able to carry the laundry up and down the stairs again and vacuum. Not that I don't do any of it, but now that he's up to it, it gives him something to do during the day.

As far as food goes - he's really able to eat whatever he feels comfortable with. He still has to cut everything into small pieces, but hey...he's eating steak, pizza, spaghetti. It doesn't matter. I know that all he wants to do is bite into a big turkey sandwich or cheeseburger instead of cutting it, but all in due time. I'm just so impressed and happy that he continues to improve.

At the next doctor appointment next week, we'll set up a time for his next procedure. It'll be out-patient ... thank goodness!! And the recovery is super minimal. This will start the process of him getting permanent implants - which will probably happen around September/October.

I'm just happy to have my husband back...as back to normal as possible. He's mentioned going to the cherry blossoms this weekend - which I was prepared to miss this year. He says he up to walking around down there and everything. YAY! And we're back to running errands and whatnot on the weekends...when necessary. Tomorrow will be 9 weeks since the surgery - I still just can't get over how far he's come.

I know this got a little long - sorry about that. And thank you all for the support and hugs along the way. They've definitely helped....and will continue, as we enter the next phase of this whole.....thing.

Re: DH Update

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