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does it makes since to get an ipad if you have an iphone?

in a few months when we are elig for an upgrade we will be getting iphones, however, I was thinking about getting an ipad instead of a lap top, does it make since to have both?


Re: does it makes since to get an ipad if you have an iphone?

  • Yep. I have an iPhone, MacBook and iPad. Each of those serve a slightly different purpose. I adore my iPad.
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  • Yes, I have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Nano, and an iMac and I use them all for different things.  The phone is well, for phoning.  The iPad for surfing the Net, reading, the iPod for my music and audiobooks while at the gym, and the iMac for work.



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  • Yes, I think a lot of people could use an iPad instead of a laptop and still do everything they want to do (surf the web, watch tv and videos etc).  You could also get a wireless keyboard for typing stuff since it's a little annoying to type on the iPad, and there are apps for just about everything.  I've heard that a lot of students are using an iPad + keyboard these days rather than a laptop.


  • I don't think I'd want one in place of a laptop, but if you have kids an ipad is great. I wouldn't trust DD with the phone because any time she has it she ends up calling people, but with the ipad I have it set so that all she can do is use the apps. She's learned so much and I've bee able to get chores done!
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