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Dishwasher detergent

What are you guys running your dishwasher with?

Re: Dishwasher detergent

  • We use Method smarty dish tabs, and we put vinegar in the rinse compartment.
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  • We've been using Seventh Generation and I HATE it.  But I feel awful throwing it out so I've been trying to stick with it.  I think this week I've gotten to my breaking point, though.  Dishes still come out half-washed, inside of the dishwasher smells awful and half the time the powder gets stuck in the compartment and won't even come out.  This is with vinegar in the rinse compartment, too.

  • I am pretty sure I have the 7th Generation as well (liquid) and I am not thrilled at all. It leaves glassware really filmy. Since I run my dishwasher about once every 2 months, I'm going to have this for a looong time.
  • Alisha_A, may I see a picture of your brindle in your sig pic? Mine looks eerily similar, from what I can tell. 


  • Hehehe... kind of a mini-version. That's my Hank, who passed away from cancer last fall. Crying


  • I like Trader Joe's (powder) the best w/ vinegar in the rinse aid compartment.

    Seventh Generation doesn't work well for us at all.

  • It might be filmy due to how little you use your dishwasher.
  • We use Biokleen Free & Clear.
  • Seventh Generation was a huge fail for me too!  It got everything so messed up that the soap thing would not even open.  After I finally gave up on that, I had to run the thing numerous times with just plain vinegar (like 2 gallons dumped in) to get the soap disp to open when it is suppose too.

    Right now I am just using Target liquid, but plan on making a batch of homemade....if I can ever find citric acid powder.

  • I use the Melaleuca Ecosense dishwasher detergent and really like it.
  • biokleen.  love it!  also have vinegar in my little dispenser thingie.
  • Im trying out Dapple right now. I was a little thrown off becuase it's brown and smells funny - but it is a natural product. seems to be working. SO far so good.
  • We use homemade dish detergent (Borax, washing soda, kosher salt, unsweetened lemonade, and then vinegar as a rinse agent). Doesn't work quite as well as the less eco friendly products but works pretty well considering its inexpensive and eco friendly. I'm happy with it.
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