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Menu check

My kid's first birthday party on a Sunday afternoon.  30 people maybe with ages 1-82.  No dietary restrictions except picky ILs and a nephew.  Butterfly theme.

Nibbles- hummus with carrots, cucumbers, pita chips; cheese platter

Meal- a baked italian sandwich type thingy
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into butterflies
tossed salad
broccoli tortellini salad
baked beans?  mutiple bean salad?  I feel like I need another side, but maybe not
deviled eggs

Dessert- cake and ice cream

Re: Menu check

  • I was so excited to see this post - you know I love a menu check! :)

    LOVE the PB&J in butterfly shapes.  That's the perfect level of themed food for me :)  I like everything else.

    I'm with you on the sides...what belongs?  What about oven fries? 

    Isn't your daughter's bday in the summer?  Or is it in the spring and we've been talking about it for so long and time goes by so fast that it's here already? lol


  • I feel like one othere side and you would be good...but not baked beans...the multiple bean salad could be good if it's somewhat italiany

    and do you have enough for kids?

  • I agree you need another side and not baked beans.  The few times I've made them, they go untouched.

    Maybe a corn or potato casserole?  Or you do not have any fruit so maybe fruit salad?

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  • Hi!  Fun, fun, fun!  Can hardly wait to see your pic's later.

    Re: menu - another side would be great - you don't necessarily need it.

    Would you consider an Orzo/Balsamic/Fresh Tomato type salad?  If you need a recipe for that I have one.  It also is great if you make ahead.  I also think you should add some fresh fruit to the menu - either at dessert or with the mains.

    Let us know how it goes!

    GL :)

  • With regards to the nibbles, maybe you can add ranch dip (or something similar) to go along with the veggies.  While I love hummus, it's not for everyone.

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  • The party is in 11 days!  We just moved.  Like 4 days ago just moved. 

    My baked beans do always get eaten, but if everyone is saying no I'll skip them.  I could do a potato casserole.  That would be an easy make ahead and i know that goes over well.

    I could put some fruit out, but I have noticed that doesn't get eaten much with my group.  Some grapes, strawberries, and pineapple would be easy though. 

    As for enough for kids, I think so.  There is my 1 and 3 yo and then the rest are over 8.  There is one that is picky, but he'll eat everything listed. 

    Tar- the only reason I thought about the pb&j butterflies is because I found a cookie cutter as I was packing.

  • I think you need another side.  Baked beans just seem a little too overdone around here.  I think a casserole might be a good option.  What about homemade mac and cheese?

    The strawberries I have been getting lately have been cheap and pretty good.  I have seen some strawberry salad recipes floating around Pinterest, but I couldn't tell you if they are any good.

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  • The baked beans sound fine to me.  I wasn't voting against them, just suggesting something else if you wanted it.  If your crowd likes them, I'd do them since they're so easy.

    And I can't believe it's 11 days!  Congrats on the new house, btw.  And lol @ finding a cookie cutter ;)

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