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Dude... where are you all?


Re: Dude... where are you all?

  • imageAF_EOD_wife:

    I went to Bible study where Caroline melted down in childcare.

    Then I got home and realized I had a voicemail from a supervisor at the Child Development Center wanting to interview me! While not my intended career field, it's money in the bank and Caroline would be right there so I could nurse her instead of pumping. Great for my child who refuses a bottle. So who knows! All in all, a happy evening. 


    Good luck!! Fingers crossed for you.

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  • imagemeltoine:

    Le sigh. Today started off so well.

    I went for a run this morning, ate a great breakfast, took my pup out for a walk to practice what we learned last night in our first obedience class, then took my other pup out for a walk because he was jealous, then folded a crap ton of laundry. Then things went downhill.

    A friend posted on FB "Passed my PT test! Now time for a burger and fries to celebrate!" And then all I could think about was a burger and fries. So DS and I went to Fuddruckers for lunch. And the burger was gross. The fries were worse.

    Then we went to Marshalls because all of DS's PJs that fit are fleecy and it's too warm for that now. I also needed a new pair of jeans. But as soon as we walked into Marshalls my diva cup started leaking. Obvi I wasn't about to try on jeans in that condition, so I grabbed a couple of pairs of little boy PJs and high tailed it out of there as fast as possible. 

    I got home, remedied the diva cup sitch, and then proceeded to have the worst cramps of my life, to the point where I was nauseous and about to puke, for about 2 hours. DH came home at 4 to find me in the fetal position on the floor of our bedroom while DS played "Let's pull all the nicely folded clothes out of mommy's dresser and throw them on top of her!"

    Then DH noticed that on of the sprinkler heads in the back yard was sort of on, leaking water half-heartedly. He called the landlord who said maybe there was too much pressure in the system, so turn the whole thing on for a few minutes. Well, then they were all on and wouldn't turn off. Landlord said he'd send his son over with the tool to turn off the water.

    Fifteen minutes later his wife shows up with the tool. But she doesn't know where the thing is that we're supposed to use the tool on. Neither do we. She says call the plumber. We call, no answer. So landlord's son comes over and finally finds the valve to shut off the water. Then the dogs who are full of mud from the back yard jumped on the landlord's wife, who is the absolute embodiment of the perfectly-coiffed-and-attired officer's wife. Yikes.



    Wow, awful day.  Hope today goes better for you!


    As for me, I worked, ordered a pizza, and watched the first few episodes of Downton Abbey.  Love!  I want to be like Maggie Smith when I grow up.

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  • My friend I'm staying with doesn't have internet so I disappear at night. And this board has been D-E-A-D lately. I've tried to liven it up, but no luck.
    BFP 6/9/2011, due Valentine's day 2012! M/C @ 6 weeks. Miss you sweet tart.

    Having a threesome with MeghanKG and NotQuiteBlushing. Best labor buddies EVAH!

    Can't wait to meet our son.....tator tot

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