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Happy Hump Day!! Kegels

My first mom and bkb day was a success. I miss being with my little girl all day so much.

Not much going on today. Just another busy/stressful day at work.

Have a great day everyone.

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Re: Happy Hump Day!! Kegels

  • Happy Wednesday! I'm glad it's my semi-Friday. I have Thursdays off, and Wednesdays are the signal that the weekend is almost here!

    We have a safety inspection at work today, and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm really, really hoping they don't find anything hugely egregious that they can ding us for. Bleh.

    Hope everyone has a great day! 

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  • Happy leap day!!

    It's my Thursday, since I'm taking Friday off. Makes the rest of the work week much more bearable. It's a busy day, but if we hit a really big deadline that we have by the end of today, we get a week of casual dress/catered lunches/other fun stuff, so we're pushing hard to finish everything today.

    I'm planning to run tonight (please no more of this rain/snow mix crap, make up your mind weather, please and thank you!), then do a bunch of laundry and start getting everything rounded up for skiing this weekend.

    KB - are Tuesdays with bkb going to be a regular thing?

    Hope everyone has a good day!


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  • Happy Leap Day. It's my kitty's birthday!

    I'm at work but I seriously contemplated taking a mental health day today. Maybe I'll leave early, I'm not sure. Nothing too pressing on the calendar, but there is always work to do.

     Have a good day!

  • Happy Leap Day!  I forgot to put on my contacts this morning, so everything far-ish away is blurry Tongue Tied 

    DH and I went to Le Bon Ton Roule last night for my b-day dinner.  DH was a good H and also got me cupcakes from Trophy, which was a great dessert surprise when we got home!

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  • LegalBrit - I'm so sorry, definitely not fun when you keep having complications! Sad

     I've got my appointment after lunch with the specialist for my gall bladder so we'll see what he thinks/says. Other than that I'm planning to get some sewing done, the sewing part for the crib quilt is almost done, just the borders yet and then I can bring it away to get the official quilting part done.. eek!

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  • I tried to convince DH we should get married on Leap Day so that he only had to remember every 4 years! Of course, he didn't go for it and had he - i'd be getting married today! 

    This weather sucks. I have a head cold and I wanted to go to an event tonight. Perhaps I'll feel less bad about it if the weather stays crap.  

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  • Happy Leap-Hump Day!

    Alpha's had two or three (things blur together) fantastic nights of sleep in a row; I can't wait until we can stop waking him for feedings and let the poor little guy get some more solid sleep. I'm half starting to think we're getting the hang of this and half waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    No plans for today; maybe we'll go for a walk around the park.

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  • happy hump day and happy leap day!! :)

    busy busy this week working a ton. h had his wisdom teeth out yesterday an di wish i was home taking care of him.

    this weekend i wanna sleep in like crazy.

    not looking forward to being at work at 6am tomorrow but i get off at 9pm so i get it's not that bad. i'm working at 6am friday and working until midnight... wish me luck.

    hope everyone is well!

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  • Happy Wednesday! I am starting to feel like I am getting sick, it has been going around work so I could be. I will be so upset! I have way too much going on this weekend. 

    They cut off way to much at my haircut last night. It feels so short, and it hadn't been this dark in years. A lot to get used to!

    DH and I were fighting last night because I was being a cranky beeotch, I am feeling bad now...

    Norhing exciting today, just going to try to get some sleep! 

  • image MerrileeKate:

    KB - are Tuesdays with bkb going to be a regular thing?

    I'll have every other tuesday's with her. I'll work every other Saturday and have Tuesday off with her.

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    DD Arrived 10/17/2011
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