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Worst/ weirdest/ most inappropriate gift you've received.

I think we've done this before but I find it to be a fun topic... so what have you gotten that made you go "hmmm"?

Here are mine:

For our wedding:  one homemade potholder by itself in a bag with no name, with initial "N" on it.  Obviously neither of our first names nor our last name starts with N.  

For my birthday from an ex boyfriend:  A ton of Cleveland Browns women's apparel.... um, I'm from Detroit and don't follow the NFL at all.

For my baby shower:  Pool toys for the baby.  We don't have a pool or live near a beach.  Natalie was born in January.  Weird! 


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Re: Worst/ weirdest/ most inappropriate gift you've received.

  • From an old boyfriend for Valentines day: a 3 foot tall teddy bear with a ginormous card that had $100 cash. I was so aggravated with the gift (I was thinking about breaking up with him anyway), that I threw out the card without noticing the money. Oops


    From my grandmother when I was 13 and in a black phase: Pink porcupine decorated rose scented drawer liners and a bird identification book.


    One of my favorite gifts from Alex's baptism is this picture frame with a very nice saying on it. However, we have no idea who the woman was who gave it to her. No one recognized her, and there was no card.


  • For our wedding: An unidentified metal thing, shaped like an upside down wine glass with scratches on it and a piece missing (clearly used) which came in an old wooden box, it looked like it was probably from the 70's or 80's. I wish I had taken a photo of it. We had no clue what it was or who gave it to us as there was no card. Three years later we were at a birthday party for DH's grandmother and his aunt comes up to me and asks if we liked the wine opener she gave us for our wedding. It took me a minute to put it together but that was an awkward moment. I told her there was no card with it so we didn't know who it was from. It just baffles me, I mean who is going to a wedding and is like, hm....what can I find around the house that I can stick a card on and give as a gift? Who does that? I mean if it's brand new I guess maybe, but something old, dirty and used?

    For my baby shower: A stuffed monkey riding a motorcycle of diapers with other various baby things included. Ok, it sounds cute and it kind of was but all the stuff inside was completely worthless. It was like a cheap-o crappy bottle and other things that looked like they were purchased at the dollar store. Even the diapers weren't used as we had planned to clother diaper (and did).

    From an ex: A really ugly gold ring with swirls in the design and a giant emerald stone which had a big crack in it (so obviously really bad quality). Emerald is my birth stone, so I give him that but it's just not a color I'm going to wear often, especially when it's that big. It was just really ugly. Again, wish I had a picture.

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  • My great grandmother (dad's mom's mom) went on a knitting spree & made those doll toilet paper covers to everyone one Christmas:


    I was very confused as both me & my sister got one but we shared a bathroom.  This was in late middle school, maybe 7th or 8th grade?

    Not me, but my dad & several other male relatives got shirts from the same great grandmother one year when I was young that was clearly her husband's who had died a few months before.  How do we know?  They still had the tags on them from a dept that had closed several years before.


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  • My SIL's Polish family gave us some strange wedding gifts but it wasn't a regift or anything - I think it was honestly things they thought we'd like or what is normally given as wedding gifts there.  One was a coffee service set (little coffee spoons, basically) and then also a (very ugly) glass serving bowl.

    DH's patients give us the funniest stuff though.   Thing is, many of them are of exceptionally limited means but it's either a cultural thing or they really really like DH and feel as though they need to give him gifts at Christmas, for our wedding and for Jane.  Jane gets stuff all.the.time.  Unfortunately most of it is NMS and I now know some of his patients by the stuff they gave as in "oh, was that the lady who gave jane the neon green 'emoticon' shirt?"

  • For our wedding, we got this "crystal" globe as a shower gift.  It was really heavy and we flew in for the shower, so I left it behind at my grandpa's to pick up later.  (Not.)

    My grandpa is horrible about giving used things and bad costume jewelry.  I have a really nice engagement ring (1.5+ carats).  When I went home that year for Christmas and showed it to my grandpa, he said it was nice but not nearly as nice as the "diamond" earing and necklace set that he got me that was huge and probably cost $10 max.  Poor little man.  That was not the only "high quality" set like that he has given me.  I know he has given my cousin's dirty stuffed animals and I'm dreading that for my LO.  For years, he kept giving my uncles knives that they would leave at his house when he wasn't looking and then he would re-gift them again.  He's just clueless, but means well.  He is also a hoarder and probably likes the globe that I left at his house...

    Recently I got a handmade baby blanket that has a big stain on it.


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  • My third Valentine's Day with DH, he got me chocolate covered strawberries. Very sweet and thoughtful. Only problem, I HATE strawberries. He was so excited to give it to me too. "Every girl loves chocolate covered strawberries." I just said thanks, and trashed them later and told him they were tasty.He is well aware now, that I don't like them.
  • My mom and godmother gave me a grab bag of different funny sex toys, lube, and naked man playing cards at my bachelorette party. That was pretty awkward, they thought it was hilarious and knew it would embarrass me quite a bit.

    DH's grandma gets me and all of my sister in laws the same exact gift every year at Christmas. Last year she gave all of us lace toilet paper roll holders that hang on the back of the door that looked like corsets or bustiers. It was quite shocking to receive something like that from her because she is extremely conservative. 

    DH's grandmother also makes dolls in her free time, and quite often they are very freaky looking. It is a tradition for her to make each great grandchild a stuffed clown doll when they are born. Did I ever mention I am deathly afraid of clowns? Yeah, so I have 2 freaky looking stuffed clowns stuffed into the depths of the kids' closet because they scare me. My BILs got such a kick out of seeing me open them both times.  

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