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Monday Menu's

Because the board is slow..

What are you making/having for dinner this week?

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Re: Monday Menu's

  • Tonight - Cheese steak sandwiches and red potato oven fries

    Tuesday - Leftover Hot & Sour Soup since DH has a dinner event

    Wednesday - Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala or Soup since DH has another event

    Thursday - French onion soup

    Friday - Tempura night. DH is making me salmon tempura - a recipe he learned at the cooking class he took his daughter to. 

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  • Monday:  we are having a guest, so I made lasagna, salad, and garlic bread

    Tuesday:  chicken and potatoes

    Wednesday:  pizza buffet (Tman's choice, but oh so yummy for us all!)

    I grocery shop on Thursday so I menu plan Th-W, so that's all I've got so far.  

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  • image karimychel:

    Friday - Tempura night. DH is making me salmon tempura - a recipe he learned at the cooking class he took his daughter to. 

    I want to know how to do that!  I love tempura veggies.

    Our menu:

    Mon - H is making "sloppy Tom's"

    Tues - I'm making sweet & sour pork

    Wed - H is making some sort of meat thing with pineapple salsa, I don't know what's in it, but I love it

    Thurs - Tacos

    Fri - H is making this pasta ( and pork

    Sat - I'm making salmon

  • Tonight - steaks, roasted zucchini, roasted yams

    Tomorrow - Fend For Yourself night

    Wednedsday - spicy shrimp and tomatoes in whole wheat pasta

    Thursday - pre-vacation clean out the fridge night

    Friday - we will have skied all day, so whatever the heck we want!

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  • Tonight we had a honey soy chicken thing over brown rice. It was a pinterest find and it was pretty good, almost a little sweet but thats an easy adjustment for next time.

    For the rest of the week I dont really plan ahead what days we will have what but I do meal plan lol. So at some point we will have tacos, breakfast, crockpot french dip sandwiches, and home made pizza which I think will be just a plain pepperoni unless I find something else to put on it. 

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  • Tonight we had Extreme Pita in Bothell because we were going to go grocery shopping. We got stuff for enchiladas, nachos, chicken tetrazzini, spaghetti, and turkey burgers w/broccoli.

    Yeah we don't like veges too much, haha. 

    I don't plan day by day, I just take out whatever meat we need in afternoon at some time when we decide what we want.

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  • i've been eating like sh!t lately. ;( having no time and not planning well isn't helping. i hope i have time to make something real before work tonight.. who knows though.  i ate a kids pizza last night for dinner.. and picked up samoa ice cream.

    oh yeah.. me giving up anything for lent didn't last. my period came and tried to kill me so i gave in and had chocolate.

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