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Hitchhiker's Guide Meeting Funny

We have a weekly conference call with a few of our tech guys. The call starts out with my boss saying "I have a question for you..." to which the one guy promptly responds with "42." I DIED laughing.....and of course I was the only one laughing. It totally made me giddy and showed how awesomly nerdy I am to my co-workers.

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- Gayle Forman
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- Neil Gaiman

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Re: Hitchhiker's Guide Meeting Funny

  • Love this! I'd have been laughing right along with you!  I kinda love moments like that where you're the only one who gets the's like being an insider of sorts.
  • Haha!  "42" has come up in some of our staff mtgs before, and it's SOO funny because you can totally tell who doesn't get it but laughs nervously and pretends they do.  I love working for a software company - you're the cool one if you DO get the nerdy references, lol!

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  • I've done that.  I'm usually the only one who gets it and I'm cool with that.  lol


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