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My run was horrid last night

I had to stop about 1.75 miles in. (Up until now I have been running with out stopping.) I felt like a lug. My body felt like cement blocks were attached. 

Ugg. I did finish my workout and made it to 2.75 miles but I felt so gross.


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Re: My run was horrid last night

  • You did more than I did! I was supposed to have a track workout last night. Our workouts are later at night and sometimes I'm just done. I ran about 1.5 miles for the warm-up and didn't even start the main workout. I did get in a swim before though!

    So, good job getting in what you did!

  • Yeah I didn't even get my butt out the door for mine, so at least you got out there!
  • Ugh, mine sucked too.  I was doing sprints and for some reason just could not maintain.  I had to stop at 2.9 miles and I had to walk in between some of my sets, it was an awful feeling.  I stopped and did weights instead, as a hot sweaty mess.
  • Ugh.  I hate those days when your legs feel like they are made of lead. 

    But you got some running in and shoved through it!  That is all that matters.  Some days your body just does not want to cooperate.  

  • Must have been something going around last night!  My foot and calf cramped up a few minutes into my weightlifting workout, so I ended up not finishing.
  • ditto. Definitely must have been going around. I made it 5 miles, but I'm pretty sure I had bricks tied to the bottom of my shoes.
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