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Newlywed blues

I got married feb 4th 2012,, beautiful wedding I must say but after 2 weeks of honeymoon my husband decides to visit his mother and son in a different state.  He had 3weeks off from work am I being selfish for wanting to spend all his off time together??

Re: Newlywed blues

  • He went to visit his child?  Yes, you are being selfish.  Could you not have gone too?
  • Of course our being selfish.  You just had a 2 week long honeymoon (which is more than a lot of people get btw) and then he wants to see his son and you have a problem with this? did you not talk about him and his sons relationship before getting married? Did he not tell you at all in advance that he was going to do this?

    Why didn't you go with him?

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  • to answer your question. YES.


    Also, if he knows you are upset over this, I'd be surprised if he doesnt WANT to come home!  How could anyone want their spouse to NOT see thier child?


  • You got two weeks and your H's child gets one week if I'm correct. You do know he lives with you and you get him on a daily basis, correct? (I'm assuming that you live together.) Does his child get the same?

    Keep yourself busy with hobbies, work and friends. The time will fly by before you know it.

  • Can you imagine how you would feel as a child who (I'm assuming) doesn't get to spend that much time with your father) if your father had three weeks off work, and chose to spend every day of it with his new wife (who he'll see on a daily basis for, ideally, the rest of his life anyway) and didn't come visit you? Hanging out with his guy friends watching football, I'd sort of get, but this is his child.
  • The most important thing to know about marrying someone with a child is that you will never be the most important person in their life.  That's exactly the way it should be.  Would you want to have kids with someone who wouldn't put them first?  I love my husband like crazy.  But if I ever had to choose between him and our son, DS would win without question.  I would assume (and hope) that it would be the same choice for my husband.

    You just had 2 weeks with him all to yourself.  Let his child have the rest of his time off.

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