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Babies on Soy formula

TJ has been on soy formula for about 2 months. Did you ever try to indroduce (in my case reintroduce) a non soy formula? He was on gentlease, newborn & advance prior but they just didn't agree with him. I am uneasy about soy b/c I keep hearing that babies on soy are more likely to develop a peanut allergy than babies on a milk based formula. I would NEVER just switch w/o consulting his pedi 1st, I just want some personal experiences. I'm sure I'm overthinking this.
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Re: Babies on Soy formula

  • not sure if this help but we switched A off of soy at 2 1/2 months because we thought maybe he was having a reaction to soy because of his rash. people tell me different ways to switch but i did it on a sunday morning and i just reintroduced. i didn't mix half and half or anything. he was fine. im not sure about the allergy you mentioned but A's rash went away after we introduced him to milk so im thinking A had some sort of soy allergy. 

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  • We never had A on soy based formula, but I have heard the same thing about it that you did.

    Is he having lots of tummy issues? (That pic of him sleeping on the bumboo was adorable). You could ask your pedi about trying him on hypoallergenic formula (Similac Alimentum or Enfamil Nutramigen). It did wonders for A.

    Bonus: if he does well on it it may be 100% covered by your insurance. It was for us, but I know Smilee couldn't get insurance coverage for it so it varies based on your insurance I guess.

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  • Teaghan has been on soy formula since about 2 months and we have introduced peanuts per the pediatrician and she so far has no allergies to any food we have tried.

    He also said that we should not have any problems introducing whole milk in a month. When her tummy troubles seem to end when we switched to soy I considered trying to switch back to a non soy and the pedi said I could if I wanted but since the soy was working for her that I should probably just stay with it. 

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  • Paige was on soy formula for many months.

    She does not have any allergies, to nuts or milk, thus far.

    We hadn't tried to change it after the soy because it really seemed to be the only thing that worked for her....

  • He wasn't having any issues until about a week ago. He's sooooooo gassy now. Other than the gas, he has been tolerating the soy. I think I will give it until his next pedi appt and see what she says. I am allergic to soy so hopefully his little tummy issues are not the start of an allergy. Thanks ladies :)
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