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Vent about selling our house....

We've only been on the market for a week, and already I'm sick of this crap.  Just because it is a "buyer's market" doesn't mean you lose all basic etiquette.  Our house is geared toward a very specific buyer - either a young family, or a family with one or two kids, who is willing to give up the frills a $300K house usually has to get some beautiful land.  Example - our house sits on 3 acres, has awesome sunsets and great views, but you don't get the luxery bathroom with spa tub. 

We've had 2 showings in the last week, and both times the buyer's agent kept changing times (from 3pm on Saturday to between 12:30 and 1:30 - after I worked a very late shift Fri noc).  The Saturday showing got here at 1:29 exactly, spent less than 5 minutes in the house, left all my lights and doors open, and left.  Last night's buyer was at least nice, but had a showing time of 5:30 to 6:30 (once again, I worked all day) and didn't show up until after 7:30.  Basic show up when and where you are supposed to, and don't track mud into my house.  Wipe your feet at least!

 Vent over.....I just find this absolutely ridiculous.  Can pregnancy crazy hormones get started this early?

Re: Vent about selling our house....

  • PG hormones can start early, but pg or not, I'd be ticked.  Leaving lights on and doors open is wasting your hard earned money, and tracking mud into your house is absurd.  I understand that if it's not your house you wouldn't care as much, but if you wouldn't do those things in your house (and I can't imagine anyone who would), then you shouldn't do them in someone elses.  Hopefully you get an offer soon so you can be done with it.
  • You should have your agent address these matters (if you have one). My dad is a builder and never once has he ever had this type of disrespect. Personally, I would probably leave a note with all the house information asking the lights to be turned off. And I would for sure make sure I had a rug that said wipe your feet. People are very rude. Sorry you have to deal with this so far, hopefully the next ones will get better.
  • Cassie that little girl looks more like you every day.


    Ok to the point...your agent absolutely must address this behavior with the buyers agents. That's unacceptable behavior. If there was an emergency, fine, but clearly not the case either time.  I know when we were looking, we encountered houses with notes on the front door asking you to sign in, and to remove your shoes and leave them outside.  There's a level of respect in this, these folks may or may not buy the house but this is not their home and they have got to be respectful of someone else's house.


  • I agree with all pp. My DH has his realtors license and that is a bunch of crap!!  Put an note on the door for their shoes and do the other agents have to call your agent to set up the showings? If yes, make sure your agent tells the potential buyers that you are pregnant and need a specific time, an hour is usually enought time.

    If your showing are set through showing solutions your agent can put on comments and having buyers remove thier shoes and letting them know about times is very common.

     Good luck with selling your house.

  • Thanks for all the advice!  We spoke with our realtor and told him that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated from other agents....mainly the parts about not showing up within the window.  I can clean up dirt and shut doors (although I think it is quite disrespectful - my mom always said you can tell who a person really is by how she treats something that isn't her own).  I'm just going to claim pregnancy hormones :)  We have someone coming tomorrow who wants to do a lease-purchase, so we'll see how that goes. 


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