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Weekly Check-in

Posting a day early. Super busy tomorrow! How did everyone do last week?

 Question of the week: Whats something you do/ tell yourself when you start to lose motivation?


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Re: Weekly Check-in

  • I lost 4.4 pounds last week. I stepped on the scale yesterday and literally went "holy crap!" I'm on the last week of C25K and the 30 minute runs suck big time. I'm really hoping the weather clears up and I can start running outside. I'm a sissy and can't do it if it's not above freezing.

    When I start to lose motivation I remember that I have 12 more weeks to try to get into that bikini. Also taking my weekly picture in the full-length mirror helps, keeps me motivated when I see the good, and the bad. 

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  • I lost another 2ish pounds last week and I've dropped 2 pants sizes since the start of half marathon training. This is the first time I've lost weight on a training plan. Bizarre.

    I ran 22 miles last week, including my stepdown 10k "race" (it was just me chasing my old PR) on Saturday. And I PR'd by a minute. Awesomesauce. 

    Motivation is overrated. You just gotta get out there and freaking do it.

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  • I am down another 2lbs making it 23 so far. I was surprised to see that at all since the last few weeks have been terrible re:activitiy - I have been super busy with work and some personal stuff, so I haven't had the energy to get my butt downstairs to do a workout DVD.

    Since I am in the midst of losing motivation - wait, I shouldn't say that, I am still motivated and am being VERY strict with my eating, so I haven't lost focus completely! Anyway, I try to be kind to's been a stuggle these last 2 - 3 weeks, and I know that I could have lost more weight and have already hit my first milestone, but it's still coming off, and I am trying to look at the BIG PICTURE - what is my long-term goal...and that is health and wellness, not dropping it super fast again only to gain it all back. This is life, and life will sometimes get in the I am just going back to my original goal which is to make healthier choices more often than less often, and celebrate my healthy choices.

    Plus, the number keeps going down, and I am back into a different size, so that makes me happy!

     This week I want to do my 4 planned workouts...anything extra will be bonus, but I want to get those 4 done!

  • I lost 2lbs this week, for a total of 19lbs, so close to that 20lb mark! I started training for my 5 mile run in April. I made myself a workout schedule and I stuck to it to the 'T' this week.

    I'm super tired today so I need buck up and get my run in. I can't use my rest day on Monday! Everything else is same ol' same ol'.

    Something that keeps me motivated is signing up for races. I don't want to spend the money to race and then not properly prepare and run poorly. My dog gets me out the door too. He gets so hyper when he doesn't get his run in, hyper dog= annoying dog= cranky momma! I also remind myself that I ALWAYS feel better after my workout and then I don't have to think about needing to do it anymore.


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  • Can you bottle a few drops of your dog's hyper-ness and send it to me for my dog? He sleeps allllll dayyyyy. He does ok on walks until about 3 miles, then he poops out and I have to drag him the rest of the way home. (He did have heartworms pretty bad before we got him, so that might be part of the problem)
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  • haha, I wish! If he doesn't get some form of exercise during the day he chases the kitty around the house and barks/ whines at the tv all night. I've only taken him on 3 mile runs, I'm not sure how he'll do with longer distances. Worst case I'll just drop him off 1/2 way through the run. Are you going to bring your pup with you when you start running outside?

    Congratulations on your weight loss this week! 


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  • Thanks! And no, it's just easier not to have him with me. He wants to pee on every vertical surface and make friends with all the squirrels.
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