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NWH- Kennedy taking baby out of nursery... WDYT?

 This is where I gave birth 2x.  My mom called me about this tonight because of the hospital AND the doctor who is defending Kennedy. HAYDOCK!  He is an ASSHAT, he is the one I dealt with for J's skin graft infection and told me is was nothing.  Then he was admitted by both a hand surgeon and pediatric Dr.   AND the trip for hives in January when he said he would "give him an epi pen to calm my nerves"--the nurses said don't do it, as well as MIL who I had on the phone while he was in room. Where I then proceeded to tell him to leave the room and that he is an f-ing ahole I would never deal with again. The review I sent to the hospital was anything but nice. IMO this confirms his "asshat-ness" for that fact he was helping someone take a 2day old out of the hospital for air and abuse nurses. 

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Re: NWH- Kennedy taking baby out of nursery... WDYT?

  • i read the article from your FB.  it doenst surprise me too much after how you described the doc.  sounds like both he and kennedy think they are larger than life.  but seriously, wth was going on here that this man HAD TO take the kid outside for a walk and would become abusive with the nurses?  i hope they both end up in some sort of trouble. 
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  • Wow. That is friggin unbelievable. The Dr. should be fired from the hospital and this douchebag Father needs to spend some time in jail for the way he disregarded and abused the hospital staff, not to mention he could have seriously hurt his newborn baby with his actions. CPS should also investigate.
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  • What the ? Who DOES that? 
  • I am outraged by this entire thing. When I worked as an RN in a hospital, I once was literally chased down the hall by an angry visitor. I am so proud of those nurses for pressing charges and I pray NWH Hospital stands behind them.  I can attest to the fact the Mt Sinai would have fired them by now. Good doctors and nurses, corrupt institution.

    Kennedy is an *** as well as the doctor.  One cannot take a newborn outside exposing him or her to whatever and then bring the baby back into the nursery, putting all newborns at risk. Also, holding an infant in ones arms while in the hallway is a huge red flag to a nurse. It just sets off our instinct to protect the baby, from fall, from abduction.

    I hope that Kennedy has to pay big time and I'm glad violence towards nurses is getting some press.

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