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Ugh! my kitchen floor *rant rant*

DH and I closed on our house 3/11 last year. A week later DH's family was over to help us paint. DH's cousin works for a flooring company, so he was going to put down vinyl in our kitchen. He took the measurements the day that everyone was over to paint.

A week later we asked him about when we could go to the showroom and pick out stuff, he said that we should wait until we refinished the hardwood in the rest of the house before putting down the vinyl. Since we were going to get it replaced anyways, we tore up some of what was there that was not attached anymore, and didn't care if we spilled paint on it and whatnot. And it's really messy. Fast forward to the beginning of July, the hardwood was done, we wanted the kitchen floor down as we were moving into the house. 

It took a month to even get a hold of the cousin, DH would call and text and the cousin wouldn't ever get back. We had to call DH's aunt to ask her if she would have her son call us. 

Finally, we went to the showroom and picked out a remnant because it would be cheap for us, and our kitchen is small. We paid, cousin was going to come put it down a little bit later. 

Fast forward two more months, and we haven't heard anything, cousin hasn't gotten back to us, and hasn't shown up at any of the family parties. (Not even for his twin nieces' baptism with his sister who lives OOT) One day we get a call from him saying that the stuff we bought was discontinued and the glue for it isn't available, so we would have to pick out something else. 

So we went to the showroom, picked out something else, which I like better anyways, and the manager says that he'll call us when it comes in, and that he might be able to give us a little bit of a refund because before we paid for more than we needed, but it depended on shipping priced on the new stuff. 

Another month goes by, and we haven't heard anything from the showroom, or the cousin. I have DH call, and the manager said that yes, it was in, but that he didn't have our number to call and tell us (no mention of if there was a refund). But I have a carbon copy of the receipt from the change in order, that has our phone number on it!!! Ugh! So whatever, our floor is in, let's get it down.

It's been four months since then, and despite our efforts to contact DH's cousin, we still have no floor. And ours now is dirty, and I can't properly clean it because some of it is bare floor, and it's paint and polyurethane stained and I HATE IT!! And the stuff that we ordered is nice and has little blue squares that match the walls, and I want it down on my floor.

DH texted his cousin today, cousin said he's "still looking into a time" and will get back to us. IE, we won't hear from him for another few months. I've had it, I'm aggravated, we paid for this stuff and we don't even physically have it. So I had DH call and ask if we can just pick it up, at least that way it can't get lost or sold to anyone else. The place where we spoke to the manager doesn't have it, they think another one of their showrooms has it. Supposedly the manager was going to call over there to find out, but that was about two hours ago and we haven't heard back.

I hate this place and I'm growing more and more contempt for DH's cousin.**



He was supposed to come to our wedding, we paid for his place, then on his FB two days before the wedding he posts "going to florida, see you suckers later" and didn't answer when I asked if he was coming, and he didn't. He didn't go to his sister's babies baptism (and they're Catholic so it was a big deal) he didn't come to the family party on Thanksgiving or Christmas (day or eve). And all this with the floor, I'm just fed up with him. 

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Re: Ugh! my kitchen floor *rant rant*

  • Im so sorry. What a mess. Can you afford to pay someone else to install it? Or maybe negotiate a deal with the store to install it for a discounted price because if their lack of service. 

    Sorry you are dealing with this

  • This sucks. So sorry you guys are going through this. What a bunch of BS from this cousin!

    I agree with storm - try to get someone to install it for you.  It will end up costing you something, but at least you'll have your floor done. If the store is ridiculous with their price, go to a local home depot and ask for a phone number to their own installers.  If you buy at HD you get a much lower price, but the same guy would do it for an extra buck over a weekend.  Don't depend on this douche cousin, it's not worth it.

  • Maybe you can ask for a full refund and go somewhere else.  It would save you a lot of stress.


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    That's the stuff, I like it because it doesn't look like wood, and isn't totally boring like most of the flooring we saw. And the blue matches our walls. 

    DH called the other showroom place because they didn't call us, they said they don't have it, so we called back the first place and they said it might be in the warehouse, but go figure- the warehouse people aren't in today. So we left a message there. Once we track it down we're just going to go get it and store it in the basement for a while. We're probably gonna owe about $1,500 in taxes, and we have our vacation coming up, so we won't have any money any time soon, but at least we'll have what we paid for. We'll get a refund as a last resort because that flooring is discontinued, and I really like it. DH's uncle is a general contractor, and I'm pretty sure that if we have the floor physically at our house, he could put it down. He's in Colorado for a few months on a big job so we couldn't ask right now. But at least he is more reliable. Plus, based on our experience with this place, I wouldn't put too much stock in being able to get a refund. 

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  • sounds like the manager is about as useless as the cousin.  they obviously dont value you very much as clients.  i hope they find your flooring so you can get someone to lay it. the cousin probably would do a half ass job of it anyway.  good luck!! and i cant wait to see photos when it is all down and looking pretty. 

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