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I want an apple tree!!!

So I found a free apple tree on craigslist. The dude said it was 7ft, no biggie since we have a truck. Joe goes to pick it up today...umm yah it is a 14 year old tree that is way larger than 7ft. Apparently the guy lied about the size so someone would just take it.

Joe says it weighs 300lbs and that they had to lift it over the guys fence. It was hanging over both sides of the truck and then falling out the back and scraping along the ground (I wish I could have seen that cause in my head there are apples on it and the apples are bouncing all over the place).

He got it to his work (Mississauga to Georgetown) but can not get it home because there is no way he can drive on the 401 with it.

Lets hope we can borrow his friends truck (its bigger) so we can get it home.

Re: I want an apple tree!!!

  • lol, that is exactly what I picture too

    That's so cool you're taking it though! I was looking at a house last night on MLS with apple, cherry and apricot trees! I thought it was a super random to have those in your backyard, but now I'm thinking maybe not...

    Let us know if he gets it home safe. 

  • Nice!? Except, hilarious!
    Do you ever watch that show moving houses?? It's about transplanting homes... on like nat geo or some random channel I thought was a strange station choice.... that is what I am picturing for the tree!

    Anyhow, apparently my neighbourhood used to be an apple orchard and wehn it was subdivided the sale agreement said each lot had to have an original apple tree left on it.? Some still do, but not ours.
    I guess the two at a house across the street still bear fruit, but are REALLY tall.? I suggested they check out the antique apple picker at my old work (a 20' pole with a cloth bag surrounded by pegs at one end).

    I would love an apple tree.? I actually want to transplant some sour cherry trees from mya? parents place, but my dad is being weird about it (he thinks there is some by law about moving live hard woods right now).
  • Holy moly - good luck, Jen! Sounds like a lot to go through, but in my opinion will be well worth it - that's a monster of an apple tree! We have a peach, an apricot, and a cherry tree in our backyard - about 6-7 years old each - hopefully this year they'll give us some fruit! My parents live in the county and have 50 or so fruit trees and 50 or so other species - they're crazy, but God love 'em.
  • That is funny, I am also picturing apples all over the place, I hope he can get it home for you, your very own apple tree that would be super awesome!
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  • do you want a pear tree?? We have a pear tree that is probably a pretty good one... Each branch is a different type of pear, it looks like they actually grafted the tree together because the branches are labelled... Anyways this tree is right in front of where we want to put a shed... It is literally about 7 feet tall not 14, but I don't know how long the roots are. I don't know the age. There is a pic of it on my facebook if you have me on there?? My DH is standing it front of a log and flowering tree, that's the one. (I can't go on there from work so can't get the link). Anyways let me know =)
    (We are in a quarantine area but the Pear trees are not part of the quarantine)
  • The house I grew up in had about 16 - 20 apple trees, but we never got to eat them because we didn't cover them and the birds would eat them before they grew much bigger than a cherry!  Good luck getting your apple tree home!
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  • That is funny, I am totally lol-ing here.  I hope joe can find a way to get the tree home!!!  Although it would be totally funny to see that on the 401
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  • The tree is on the 401 and on its way home. If you are on the 401 between Trafalger Rd and Homer Watson please proceed with caution. Big Smile
  • Now that is a site I would have liked to see - too funny. Good luck with transporting it back to your place, sounds like you've got your work cut out for you!
  • THEY have their work cut out for them (Joe and his 2 friends) not me...I am at home in bed sick. Crying
  • Holy crap that is a HUGE tree! lol that's too funny good luck with your new tree!!

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  • LOL - so thats what your siggy pic is about.

    hope you feel better soon... you know what they say about an apple a day...

  • LOL...I love the new siggy pic associated with the gigantic tree!
  • LOL at your siggy Jen!!

    Your apple tree is awesome!

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