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Sister Problems...WWYD???

Its a long one, bare with me!! 

I have two sisters, one of which is my MOH, we will call her B, the other  "R" was pretty close to me except she moved to England and has waged war on both of us for a ridiculous reason..(has to do with B's son taking R off his Facebook because she commented too much and hes a teenager, blah blah) So R got pissed and felt hurt over being "deleted" and took it out on B saying shes a bad mom for letting him yada yada..She in turn thought i took a side with B and shunned us both. Should I still invite her to the wedding even after all this bad blood and her jealousy and since then shes been hurtful in emails and told other family i am 2 faced..etc? I dont want to regret not inviting her but also feel like she would be super mad if she knew other was my MOH and jealous and horrible...what to do...need advice.  Also...another side note..R and our mother havent spoken for over 2 years because of another trivial issue, so the wedding could blow up...yep drama..what would you do???

Re: Sister Problems...WWYD???

  • I have no idea what's going on with this post.  Ask your sister if she will be able to be civil to people at your wedding.
  • I agree with PP. 

    If she cannot be civil then I wouldn't invite her. Would you say she might be the type to do something like showing up uninvited just to make a scene? I sincerely hope not but if she does I would leave out all of the details about your nuptials. After all, if B and your mom are not speaking with R, whom else could she learn this info from other than yourself? Good luck. 

  • It is your sister.  Invite her to your wedding. 

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  • Why not try to resolve the conflict so it makes sense to invite her?
    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • This seems like a stupid thing to not invite your sister to your wedding over. most of it doesn't even have to do with her and is just her misplacing her anger/hurt.  can you not mend things before the wedding?
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  • Personally, I would invite them.  They're part of your immediate family, and I would never not invite one of my siblings or parent to a wedding (or at least not because of anything I can fathom off the top of my head).  It's up to you, but if you don't invite her to the wedding, you probably will end up regretting it big time later on down the road.
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  • people are being dropped from family members weddings because of FB? too much

  • I would invite her.  She probably won't come because of the long expensive flight and past issues, so you won't have to worry that she might cause drama.  If you do invite her, you have to be OK if she doesn't come. 
  • I am trying everything to be more than just civil, I love my sister and her family but she's very sensative and jealous to the smallest things, ie: the FB issue. She's also very stubborn. B did say that she would be civil for my benefit and our Mom said it was up to me and my fiance if we felt that it would be a lovely and comfortable day for us if we were tense about what scene she may cause or issues that may go down as a result of her feelings. A wedding is the one day something is about you and your partner and sharing with family but if there is a rage going on between family because of one person I am torn to pull that person out of the equasion, sister or not...

    thank you for the comments, I guess time can only tell...

  • image magsugar13: people are being dropped from family members weddings because of FB? too much

    this is what i was thinking...holy frig. 

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