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And any other doggie knee surgery experienced people.

Ziva had her surgery today and everything went well. I know Cooper had two surgeries, did he mess up the other one while recovering from the first surgery? Or was it a different thing?

The vet (who spent 25 minutes on the phone with DH answering questions afterwards. I love my vet!) said that the biggest chance of her tearing her other ACL is while she's recovering from this one and being a tripod. I'm just worried that since she's SO young (2) this might be happen and if so what our options would be (aka PRAYING that we'll be able to fix it if it did happen). 

When is Coopers surgery to fix the metal plate thing?? Hopefully its a faster recovery for him!! Also, thank so much for answering all my questions. You make me breathe a sigh of relief.

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Re: ****boylema****

  • HIEEEE!! Oh!! HUGS to you today! ...ok, I mean, yesterday!! I hope all is going well! I hope you PLEASE respond to this so I know how Ziva's doing!

    To answer your question, no, Cooper did not injure the 2nd knee (the left) while recovering from the 1st (the right)...he literally "injured" (I really don't think he "did" anything, if that makes sense) the left knee 1 week before the 1 year Anniversary of his right knee surgery. We saw the Vet, & within 3 days or something we had the 2nd surgery scheduled.

    That being said, we (DH & I) do suspect that his left knee was the bad one all along. It was just that the right had been compensating for the left the whole time, & just became weaker & weaker. So, once the right one (the "good" one) was out of commission...& bearing all the weight/stress...etc, it was only a matter of time before it was out too.

    So, pray away, might only be a matter of time before you are looking @ another surgery....BUT, that being said, theres no guarantee that that WILL happen to you! So, have faith!! & really,you are so consumed w/their care right away & your life...etc...the time flies! Before you know it they are good as new!! We had a good chunk of time w/Cooper as a "normal" 4 legged dog again.

    I am SO glad your Vet spent so much time on the phone w/YH! Just a huge huge relief. I was literally SICK for hours during/after Coopers surgery b/c I hadn't heard a word from them. I love love love our Vet, but your mind starts wandering, the panic sets in...etc. Its HORRIBLE! Anyway, it turned out fine, but those were the worst hrs of my life!

    We are STILL waiting from word from our Vet about Coopers xrays/the prognosis for his probable crimp removal. Long story...we went to our appt on Fri morning (30 miles away....& I had taken the day off to be there...well, I also had an appt to get my cracked windshield replaced, so I needed the day off anyways...), & they had scheduled us wrong & the Vet wasn't there. No biggie, it happens to us @ our Ortho clinic all the time & we feel horrible. We didn't really need to "see" the Vet, Cooper didn't need to be examined...we're there monthly & we had just been there about 2 weeks before. I just needed her to look @ his xrays & tell us what we needed to do. Understandably she's busy, she did call me last night @ 6pm but I was @ another appt (SO pissed I didn't/couldn't answer!) Im planning to call the clinic tomorrow to touch base. I want this taken care of ASAP so we can move on w/our lives!

    Oh NO worries! I am more than happy to help/here to listen/vent/etc!!! If I ever don't respond to a page within a few days, just PM me, sometimes Im MIA for a week or so so I won't see your page!

    Hugs to Ziva from me & Cooper!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • Okay good to know! I think her other leg is fine, unless she does something stupid.... which she could.

    She's doing AWESOME! She's already toe touching and putting a bit of weight on it occasionally, which the vet was thrilled by. She came home last night and was pretty out of it. She also managed to remove the cone of shame sometime last night. I taught DH how to put it on better (he put it on her after I went to bed last night) so it was still on when I got home.

    She is EXTREMELY cuddly. As in she follows me everywhere and if I sit on the ground she's in my lap. Good thing I didn't have plans of doing anything tonight! lol

    Thankfully she's not trying to play with Collins at all. When I got home (Collins was at doggy daycare today and then we went to the vet for her shots, because I haven't given them enough money this week...) she was excited to see her but they sniffed and licked each other and that was it. Too bad I know that won't be happening in a week!

    And just because its pathetically cute, here's a picture of her last night after we got her home getting a drink!


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  • GAWWWW!!! Ziva! You & your 1/2 nekkid hind-quarters are so cute!!

    Oh thats AWESOME! Party!!! All great things! Haha, MH didn't have a clue about anything post-op either...guys just lack that common "caregiver" sense ya know?

    Oh, love the cuddle need! Sometimes they do need their Mamas!

    Aw! Collins! Being a good brother! Nice & easy kids....! Haha! Im glad you guys took the doggie daycare advice for him, shelling out the extra $ does suck, but its totally worth it! For your sanity, for his needs, & for Zivas safety!

    Keep the updates coming!!! Cooper & I are so happy for you guys!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

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