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First visit to new hairstylist- question

I am wondering what to do with my hair when I see her.  I'm thinking I should just wash & blow dry it the day before or something?  The reason I ask is because my hair is VERY wonky- it's got a lot of kinks in it & wave underneath but not on top.  I normally straighten it every day but I wouldn't think that would be the way to go, then she wouldn't see it in its (crazy) natural state.

Bear with me, I'm nervous- I haven't been to a new stylist in about 12 years.  The salon was highly recommended & great in asking me a lot of questions about my hair to match me up with the right stylist.  But when I called back to ask this question, the gal just said I could wear it any way I wanted because they would be washing it. 

Re: First visit to new hairstylist- question

  • I usually let it air dry, or do my normal style and just discuss the weird things about it.
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  • I always like to go in w/ how I normally wear my hair so that they see the end result, and then talk about the weird issues I have (like one area always seems to be "heavy" and usually has to be cut more than the rest of my hair - it's odd). 
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  • I've seen 2 new stylists in the last year, and both said they appreciated when I wore my hair air-dried with no product to my first appointment with them. I have like 4 different textures in my hair (mostly wavy, but curlier on bottom and straighter on top, very fine and thin on top and thick on bottom, and very heavy), so they need to see all of those textures to understand where I'm coming from when I ask for both volume and "please thin the ends of my hair".

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