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Ugh how can people do this

We have our big competition next weekend. It's away and we stay at a hotel and pay for bussing, fees, etc. I gave two deadlines to pay the approx. $500 for the cost of the trip. Two girls who didn't pay a dime (deadline for half was last month and for the rest was today), quit. Tonight. One transferred and one's grades suck so her parents are making her quit. Not only does that screw us for next week but we're now short $1000 that we already put out. I know they aren't competing (although our roster was turned in last week and it's a $100 per person fee) and aren't staying (the deadline for cancelling rooms was yesterday....) but is it unreasonable for me to ask that they still pay these fees? I HATE confrontation but we can't just eat the difference.

Re: Ugh how can people do this

  • I think sadly you are just are screwed. You can't make people who quit pay.
  • I hate to say it, I would have taken them off the list when they didn't make the first payment. You can ask for the money but you are likely not going to get it since you really have no recourse. Your team will likely have to eat it.
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  • Next time make them sign a commitment or something but I'm not sure now you can expect much
  • Not sure if you can do this, but the fees for our two tournaments are included in the cost of our contract.  This way if someone decides they aren't going the cost is already covered.
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  • Oh I have no leg to stand on....the best we can try is maybe the athletic office will make it so their report cards are held for awhile. I can just ask nicely and hope, but my thoughts are that since they evaded payment (I'd ask and get a "oh I forgot!") that they never intended on paying this. It pisses me off because you know this was no shock out of the blue. The kids could have said last week, "coach, I know this is bad but my mom is waitig on my grades to see if I could still cheer.". I could have at least removed them from the roster and cancelled their room if it was any time before Saturday. I could have even made my payment to the companies late and incur a small charge instead of such a big loss. Lesson learned. We try to space out when they pay because apparel is over a grand in the fall. Never again.
  • Even though the cutoff was yesterday, you could probably call this morning and see if they'll work with you.  Explain your situation, you might get a break. 
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