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Tell me about Retin-A

I specifically want to know what your skin did when you first started using it, as I've heard many people get dryness, peeling, redness, and even acne for several weeks when they first start.  Today is my first day and I'm just wondering what I might have ahead of me.  I am on it to reduce wrinkles and repair sun damage, and very rarely get acne.  I have combination skin.

Any tips on reducing side effects?  I put it on during the day today, but starting tomorrow will be using it at night.  I know to wear SPF 30, and I'm also using a lot of moisturizer to hopefully combat dryness. 

Re: Tell me about Retin-A

  • don't use it every day.  start off slower than that...maybe once every three days, even.  i've been using it since october, and am just now up to every other day.

    the thing with the dryness is that once you get it, it's harder to get rid of.  better to keep it from happening in the first place by starting VERY slowly, and then building up your skin's tolerance to the product.

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  • I've been using it since I was sixteen (I'm forty-four now).  Mix a pea sized amount in your hand with moisturizer, rub between your hands, and spread it on. 

    I use the cream, not the gel.  Wash your hands or they will get dry and tight.

    You may want to use it every other day for a few weeks.


  • Sounds like good advice.  What strength are you using?  I'm using .05%
  • Yeah. Every 3 days to start. At night, but after your skin is really dry after you wash it.
  • My routine:  I wash with a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil), immediately moisturize (Cetaphil), wait 20-30 minutes, then apply a tiny pea sized amount of Retin-A to my face and sometimes neck and chest. 

    I currently only apply Retin-A once every 2 nights because I'm on .1% and still trying to work up since I tend to get red and flaky, and I've been on it since last summer.  I started on .025% and barely had any side effects.  I think your .05% is a good strength to start with. 

    Everyone's skin is different, but I would start out very slow (maybe 2 nights per week) and expect some irritation, redness, peeling, and sensitivity in the beginning.  Use a gentle cleanser, a good moisturizer, and SPF during the day.  Waiting 20+ min. after cleansing to apply Retin-A also helps reduce dryness.  GL!     

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