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In dire need of a legal nestie

Hey Seattle Nesties! So I have fallen off the place of the earth for a few years now... (and was never all that active to really begin with) but I remember a few of you being involved with law and I'm trying to help a friend out here and am hitting walls with everyone we are trying to work with.

 We have a friend going through a divorce. He owned a business prior to getting married and his wife recently served him with divorce papers.  Through multiple acts of fraud she has forged (very poor, undated and unnotarized) documents "giving" her control of the business.  She used these to illegally change business licenses with the state (which he was able to get back).  She served these to the banks to have him removed from all of the the accounts without his knowledge about four months prior to serving him with divorce papers.

 He's hasn't been unable to recover *any* of his money, the bank has "frozen" the accounts (although is still allowing her access to pull money from all of them).  She's used them to redirect all of their credit card transactions into a separate account. She's also used these papers to remove him from the PO box for the business accounts. She is essentially phasing him completely out of his business that he bought (and has receipts for) prior to being married.  She topped it off by managing to get a restraining order against him from his own company.

 The courts have done nothing to help him, they will not even review the documents he has proving the fraud. When meeting with the courts yesterday trying to find out what he could do to protect himself, he was told he was behaving "vindictively." The police will not help him saying that this is strictly a divorce matter.  He has a divorce lawyer who has not been of much help (and it seems that this is going beyond basic divorce now with bank forgery, mail fraud, theft).  We also have all of the court papers from her previous divorces with very similar situations.

Do any of you know what sort of lawyer we need to find or where we can go for help?  I've exhausted all my resources and keeping my fingers crossed that maybe one of you knows someone who might be able to help!


Thanks ladies. 

Re: In dire need of a legal nestie

  • I'm a criminal defense attorney.  I would say he needs a good family law/divorce att'y.  If he's isn't being very helpful, maybe he should look for another one.  Some attorneys do both criminal and family law, which might be helpful.  Or, perhaps he should look for someone that deals with business transactions, resolution, partnerships.  Without knowing the full story and seeing all the docs, it's hard to say what his options might be. 

    What court is this in?

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