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checking in/Lily's birth story (long)

Hey ladies!  Just wanted to check in and say hi and catch up on the board a bit.  Things are good over here... we got off to a rougher start with breastfeeding, sleeping & gas issues, but are starting to figure out what works best for us & Lily, and are slowly starting to settle into somewhat of a routine.  Due to issues with Lil nursing and her not getting enough to be satisfied, we decided to supplement with formula, and ended up transitioning over to formula entirely.  I felt guilty and had a hard time with it at first, but after seeing what an entirely different baby she is now on formula (a million times more content & relaxed), I'm feeling good about our decision.  Mads is doing great with Lil so far too.... she's fascinated by her and loves to check in on her and see what she's doing, but otherwise just kind of does her own thing.  So overall life is good, but busy and exhausting.... I still can't believe we have two kids!

Below is Lil's birth story for anyone that's interested.....

I had my 39 week appointment on Thurs the 19th, and after an internal my dr put me at about 2cm.  I started with some cramping & sporadic contractions that evening which continued through the night & into Fri morning.  While at work on Fri, the contractions became more uncomfortable but were still sporadic.  By the time I got home from school that afternoon, they were definitely getting painful but still weren't timeable yet.  My parents came over for dinner to help pass the time, and by the time we were through eating it was time to call the doctor, who told us to head to the hospital.  My parents stayed to watch Mads and Paul and I packed up our bags and headed off to meet Lily.  By 9pm I was checked in and hanging out in triage being monitored.  After a couple of hours, I'd progressed to 4cm and they decided to admit me.  We were settled in by 12:30 and were just hanging out and waiting for Lily's arrival.  My contractions grew much stronger and more painful so I figured I had to be making progress, and decided to hold off on an epidural.  When the dr came in to check me at 3:30, I was still only at 4cm (boo)  I was really disappointed and realized that I was probably in for a long labor again, and so I ended up asking for the epi so that I could hopefully get at least a little rest.  The dr wasn't a fan of that idea since he was afraid it might cause my labor to stall even further, and might require me to be on pitocin as well eventually, and wanted to try and allow my body to do as much work naturally as possible (which I appreciated as it had been my original plan).  He suggested trying a dose of nubain instead to help take the edge off and to allow me to get some sleep.  I decided to go for it, and was actually able to doze off between contractions for the next couple of hours.  The dr came back around 7:30 to check me and I was just about at 5cm, so he decided to break my water to try and start moving things along.  Within minutes, my contractions started coming much harder and faster.  Just before 8:30am I asked if I could be checked and possibly have an epi.  The dr came in to check and put me at 6cm and called the anesthesiologist.  He got there right after 9am and started prepping me for the epi.  At this point, I was sitting up and feeling crazy amounts of pressure and nauseau and thought that I might be in transition, but honestly didn't think I could have possibly progressed that fast, so I didn't say anything.  According to my nurse, the test dose for the epi was run at 9:24am.  At this point I already had the urge to push and let her know, so they finished up the epi and left and got the dr in right away to check me.  Sure enough, I was at 10cm and ready to go.  I started pushing at 9:40 and Lily was born in just 6 pushes, 14 minutes later.   It was such a crazy & different labor/delivery from Mads.... I still cant believe how quickly I progressed once they broke my water!  Had I known how far along I was, I don't think I would've bothered with the epi, since sitting there and transitioning while he was putting it in was possibly the toughest part of the whole experience, and it didnt really have much time to kick in & do anything  But a much faster delivery, which was great, and has made for much better/faster healing this time around. 

Re: checking in/Lily's birth story (long)

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