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Tough week

Hi ladies, I had such a tough week, yesterday I almost cried at work... Hate that!!! Our VP believes I am super tough skinned and does not pick her words when giving me feedback. Her email yesterday hurt... Now I am stressed because she wants to "catch up" next week ( she was OOT this week). I just need to do really well now... Please send vibes. How was this week for you?

Re: Tough week

  • Oh E I am so sorry! Take the weekend to relax and spend lots of time with the hubby. I will send lots of nestie vibes for a better week next week. Lawson will send his cute smiles too!

    My week was exhausting but wonderful. DH went back to work today so I was on my own with L.... Lots of work but very rewarding.

  • Sorry you had a tough week. That really sucks! Hopefully your meeting goes well. I'll send you positive nestie vibes.

    I had a sh***y week to. DH works tonight. I saw him for maybe 10 mins today. We didn't even get to eat dinner together :( I just ordered thia food. I'm taking the dog for a walk to pick it up, renting a chick flick and putting on my pjs for a relaxing night. Maybe a bottle of wine too!

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend.


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  • Ugh, that sucks. Try to relax this weekend.. sending positive thoughts for your upcoming meeting.
  • Sending vibes your way! I hope you have a relaxing weekend and that next week is killer!
  • Thank you, Ladies.  I did have some wine with hubby last night, and we watched Moneyball - great movie :)  Brad Pitt is totally hotter aged. Never really liked him that much when he was younger.

    Lindsey - Lawson's smiles would definitely make it better. He looks like he could be a great smiler :)  How are you feeling now? Are you getting better after the c-section? I heard it normally heals pretty quick, compared to what one would imagine.  I hope Lawson is letting you sleep a little :)

  • It was a tough week for me too. Today is the anniversary of Mom's passing. I've taken a few liberties this week and tried to do more stuff for me- did a harder point-to-point run yesterday and had DH pick me up instead of looping back and getting home myself. Also went out with friends a few nights this week to just be around good company. Today I'm spending the day in the kitchen and cooking stuff for us and starting to prep for next week's superbowl party (we're having 30 people over).
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  • That sounds like a rough week!  I hope it picks up soon!  I hate feeling like that with a superior...  
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