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Re: Confessions/AWs/UOs/Vents

  • Vent: I am a little pissy about everybody and their mother knowing about pinterest now, i swear I get 2-3 notifications a day that someone I know is following me. How am I supposed to pass off al these fab ideas and recipes off as my own with everyone knowing my source. I think I would feel the same way about the nest as well.

    Vent 2: i am also in desperate need of losing weight and am too lazy and exhausted to do anything about it. I weigh more now than I did nine months pregnant with Anna and it makes me sick. It finally hit me when I had to go try on BM dresses the other night and I had to order the largest size ever in my life while everyone else was a size 4. I have never been this way until now. I dont need to be skinny, just comfortable in my clothes. So I have jumped on the weight loss band wagon and started the shred yesterday. I also plan on doing personal training sessions after my surgery. I dont care about the costs, its time to do me.

    AW: baby factory is closing 2/8!  I am excited to never be on hormones again, I am scared to be under anesthesia though. Being that I birthed three humans, this out patient procedure should eb nothing but for some reason I am scared to death.


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  • Confession: I would love to become a lawyer.  For reals.  Only 4 years of night school lol.

    Confession: I am becoming obsessed with housewares.  I would rather have Fiesta dishes and household items as gifts and look at this stuff all the time. Am I nesting or is there something seriously wrong with me!

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      And in NJ, it's tough to get someone out of your rental once they're in - even if they stop paying.

    What county in NJ?   We have a rental in Camden County (haddon heights) and I was VERY impressed with the speediness of the court hearing & sheriff coming to do the lockout.  All totalled from date of filing for eviction to actual sheriff lockout date was 30-40 days.   In philly it takes me upwards of 5 months :(

    Not Camden but that still holds no interest to me. I don't want to deal with potential property damage, late/non payers, trying to sell a rental,having to pay mortgage on two properties b/c the renters didn't pay, etc.  

    Understandable.  I was just trying to clarify the system was fairly decent in case that was your main reason of concern.   Being a landlord is a rough business and tenants for the most part SUCK, so I don't blame you!

  • Confession: we put our house on the market on Thursday and signed an AOS on Saturday. I think I might vomit soon just from the stress of the paperwork.

    Vent and possibly a UO: I was OOT last week for a work conference. One morning we had this motivational speaker that was all about "creating leaders" and motivating people to have "PASSION" for their work. The guy was a good speaker, but pretty much said that you cannot motivate others or "sell" your product without passion. I really wanted to disagree with him, b/c, (this is the possible UO), I believe my job is what I do for work, I do it very well and I am dedicated to it.  However, I view work as something that pays my bills. My passions are other stuff--like running on mountains, trying good beers, getting muddy with friends, raising money for brain tumors, eating good food, etc. And, my big thing is that you need a balance between the two--the guy didn't really address that too much, so I thought some of his 90 minute talk was total BS. 

    How do you feel about motivational speakers?


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