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Weekend Plans

It's a gross and foggy Friday here... blegh.  Here's hoping it goes by fast -- bring on the weekend!

Today:  working a little bit late, and then not much else.  Maybe some vegging, maybe some Berries Gone Wild, maybe some TV... or hell, maybe I'll feel ambitious and want to clean and/or do some school work.  It's a mystery!

Saturday:  Dropping my car off for an oil change and state inspection in the morning, and while it's getting worked on I'm hitting the post office, McDonalds for breakfast, then getting my nails done.  After I'm getting gas, picking up dry cleaning and then home until we have to go to IL's for MIL's birthday lunch

Sunday:  WW in the morning, then we're going out to lunch for my dad's birthday (yup -- my dad and MIL have the same birthday.  It's crazy)

Monday:  Nothing is planned as of yet, but this never lasts long...

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Re: Weekend Plans

  • Today: Leaving for a spa day/ bachelorette party.  Going to the PA/ WV border.

    Tomorrow: Being hung over and coming home from said party.

    Sunday: Vegging and baking cupcakes.

    Monday: Start my new job! (internal transfer to a different part of my company)

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  • image maryandkirk0909:

    Today: Leaving for a spa day/ bachelorette party.  Going to the PA/ WV border.



  • I'm loving my plans for this weekend

    Tonight, Saturday & Sunday - Sleep in, clean up the house, relax, drink some wine and continue our HIMYM marathons (we just started watching it a couple of weeks ago and holy cow are there a lot of episodes lol)

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  • Today: my usual friday cleaning, laundry, and babysitting this afternoon, then off to couples game night.

    Tomorrow: I have a good friends baby shower than relaxing at night.

    Sunday: going to Long Island to visit some family then maybe having dinner with a friend on the way home.

    Also today I am just waiting for Teaghan to take a nap so I can get more stuff done or just sit for a few mins, she is into everything today since she learned how to climb. 

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  • Today: the usual. Work until 5, head home, have takeout (I don't know what yet), veg.

    Tomorrow: Shopping (returning some duplicate Christmas presents that Ellie got and letting her select new ones), lunch at our fave wing joint, home to relax.

    Sunday: clean house and hang out.

  • image rach83:
    image maryandkirk0909:

    Today: Leaving for a spa day/ bachelorette party.  Going to the PA/ WV border.



    Also jealous! And sad I can't go! You guys are going to have so much fun! 

  • Today: Working a busy day, then babysitting an adorable 3 yo. Sat: 1st time snowboarding lessons! I am nervous, but will make it fun. 2 of my friends are coming and staying over. Sun: recovering from soreness, then our neice's 10th bday party.
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  • Today: going to eat breakfast, then head to the kitchen to make 48 cupcakes for a baby shower.  Then home to make vanilla bean creme brule to tak eto a friend's house tonight.  Tonight, off to said frends' house for dinner and drinks.

    Tomorrow: delivering baby shower cupcakes late morning.  Getting some stuff done around the house.  Then making tacos and blood orange margaritas and watching a movie at home.

    Sunday: Making a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs, getting a few things done around the house, and relaxing.  Praying Monday never arrives.

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  • Today:  Working till 5, ordering in, watching The Hangover Part 2... Its such a icky day today.

    Saturday: Catching up on laundry, that I said I was gonna do all week, quick run to target for some things. Dinner at my parents.

    Sunday: Relaxing, dinner at my MIL.

  • Today- going to target after work then home to relax 

    Sat- cleaning, laundry and finishing Nathan's birthday invitations. Maybe dinner with some friends.

    Sun- a 6 year old birthday party then picking Kevin up from the airport. I can't wait to see him!  

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  • today:  working, grocery shopping, then loungin and hopefully watching a movie.

    tomorrow: Zumba in the AM, then headed to RI to hang with my family (parents, sister/bil, niece/nephew, etc).  Then dinner in the North End for a friends birthday (yum).

    sunday:  no major plans, but stuff to do around the house and things to do for work:(

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