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Baby slings

I'm thinking about getting one. Do you have any recs? I'm looking at Hot Slings or Maya Wrap.

Audrey hates the Baby K'Tan. I don't know if it's because of the way she needs to be positioned in there (facing my chest) or what. I didn't have her in it much the first month or so...maybe that's why?

In any case...I think one of these wraps might allow me to position her a little differently so she's more comfortable and not quite as confined as she is in the K'Tan.

Any opinions? Did your baby just never like carriers or is it something they just have to get used to?


Re: Baby slings

  • I had a Moby, and I only used it once.  I just found that it was too much effort to wrap and tie when it was much easier for me to learn how to do things one-handed or while she was in her RnP or napping...

    We then used an Ergo Sport carrier, which was awesome when we had places to go because there was an extender strap so Chris could carry her too.  It took her a while to get used to being on my chest because she was a fan of being able to see where she was going, so when she was big enough to go on our backs it was much easier to get around.

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  • I have the bjorn and we still use it. My cubby bunny is hard to hold sometimes, but it does make it a LOT easier. She didnt love it at first, but more because it was hot in the summer. I honestly wouldnt trade it for the world. I know some babies like then more than others, but I wish I would have used it more.


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