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Air Conditioners are not cheap!!

Dear Money tree,

Please hurry up and start growing damn it! These new home costs are killing us!

Many thanks,

If only it were that easy ::sigh::

Re: Air Conditioners are not cheap!!

  • ahh sucky

    window coverings are not cheap either!! We thought we'd get something for our living room bay window.. .but it would cost around $1500 for the blinds we want OH MY GOODNESS... I guess we'll haver to live with the ugly ones awhile longer!!

  • Who said new home ownership was fun?!  My friend just spent over $10K to get all their windows done. Insane!

    We received a quote for blinds which was around $2K - yikes! So, instead we had my IL's buy them (closest standard size) from JC Penny in the US where they live and we'll have them in the next week! Best part of it all, it's only $400 for all our blinds! Faux Wood 2" blinds - way better than $2K. So they're not custom fit, but honestly does it really need to be perfect? Especially since we're not here for ever!

  • Good lord tell me about it!  We just bought a lawn mower, edge trimmer, vacuum....  and holy blinds - Erik won't even let me look for those (I got a quote one window and he said forget it... for now anyway).  Our savings account is in pain!  Now we are trying to save for repaving the driveway and redoing the path to the house.... ack! 
  • it's never ending isn't it?
  • I am afraid to turn ours on.  It worked in October when we tested it before we bought the house but so did the furnace.  We had to replace the furnace the beginning of december so I'm not sure how well the air is going to work.

    We have to re-do our fence because one side is falling down.  Our townhouse board only pays for the first 8 feet (not entirely sure why) so we priced it out and it will cost $600

    Kristin & Dave


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  • We moved into our house about a year ago...our place is 2 years old we thought it would require very little work. WRONG. Last summer we did the fence (there wasn't one). We have a huge yard so it cost us a fortune. This year we are doing the front landscaping, stone patio in the back (both being done this weekend!!!), painting our LR, DR, front hallway area and finish decorating our family room and front hallway.

    We just create a budget for each project and then figure out what is most important to do and when we can afford to do it. We also shop around alot for quotes. We went to Rona for our stone for our patio and they wanted $7K.  Indifferent  We went to a landscaping place and it was less than half that.  


  • I hear ya! We built our home 4 years ago, and are still adding and upgrading things. We try to pick a slightly major project every year, but it is costly. This year we will be finishing the fence, and likely starting the basement. No A/C for us yet, either.
  • Yikes!

    This post scares me girls. I'm still freaking out at the cost of the actual homes we're looking at nevermind all the costs that come along once we've moved in. This post is encouraging me to drop our target price so we'll have more money each month to do all these extra projects.  

  • Thankfully we don't have any major renovations to do, but things we've added/bought so far (hardwood, central vac, garage door opener, appliances) plus things we plan on adding (deck, A/C, blinds) are all things that are necessities for us. BUT, unfortunately they are big ticket items! Thank goodness our lawn & driveway paving is included with our builders! Whew!!  

    Since our home is brand new, we have to put forth the $$$ for all the start up stuff so that's what kinda sucks Sad. Once all that is done though, we have to start looking into some new furniture cause the stuff we have is minimal and FUGLY!

    It really never ever ends.

  • I completely agree!! There is always something you can improve. Our neighbours said "You've never owned a house until you start doing things over you already did once" ie. until you've painted over a paint colour you chose, etc.
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