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Weekly check-in

How did everyone do this week? And for the fun of it lets through in an aww, we had last week.

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Re: Weekly check-in

  • I did well last week. I tracked everyday, worked out 4 times (three of which were speed workouts). And I lost 3lbs!

    This week I want to track all week and work out 5 times.

    For an aww- during a speed workout on the track I ran 6 laps at a 10 min mile pace (2:30 a lap) walked a lap and then ran 4 more! Thats 2.5 miles at a 10 min pace! I normally run about a 12 min mile. So this was really fast for me. I was pround of myself Smile


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  • Well done erin!!

    Since I posted the other day, I managed a few good workouts and then got derailed yesterday by having to sit infront of the computer all day to create the final exams for my that made me feel pretty 'meh'

    But today I started my 'new week' - week 3 actually - and this one is generally a difficult one for me as I usually hit a wall and then start to lose my, my goal for this week is to continue to make good choices when eating and to workout at least 4 times.

    For my AW...I totally avoided giving into a serious chocolate craving today at work - and there were tonnes of chocolate bars around for the taking (a fundraiser for one of our student groups)...I even have a little chocolate treat that was given to us for Christmas from the admin, but didn't break into that either! Instead, I grabbed my carrot and celery sticks and my hummus and had that.  I was proud of myself! Stick out tongue

  • Congrats on your progress, girls!

     I did a pretty good job eating right and working out, all things considered.  Since we had 2 birthday parties this weekend, it was kind of hard not to eat junk food, but I was able to limit myself.  Last week I worked out every day but Thursday, so that I was good.  I haven't lost any more weight, but I am loosing body mass.  I've noticed my pants are getting looser, so I'm feeling better about myself.

    My AW: I've been able to drink 8 glasses of water a day and am eating lots of fruits and veggies.  Working out is starting to become less of a chore and more of something that I look forward to, which is great since I don't dread the gym! 

  • I didn't go over my calorie goal except for one day, and not by that much. I finished week 2 of C25K yesterday, will start week 3 tomorrow. I didn't lose any weight, but I think that's because I was bloaty when I weighed in (at least I hope so).

    My AW is that everyone that I'm seeing again for the first time since mid-November has been saying how good I look and that it's obvious that I've lost a lot of weight. Several friends have also said that I've motivated them to get healthier as well. And I can now comfortably run 6.6 MPH for a minute and a half without feeling like I'm going to die. 

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  • Great job ladies! We're going to be the hottest wedding board on the Nest! Its fun to read everybodies awws Smile

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  • You gals are awesome!!!!! I'm going to so be joining you in a few weeks to lose this pregnancy weight. 

    Keep it up ladies!!!!! 

  • I DID IT!!!!!!! I broke through my first goal of 10lbs! I am officially down 10.4...only 60 more to go :)
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