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wedding question--WDYT?

I was asked to be in my friend's wedding. The wedding is not until December.  She wants us to all go get our dresses in 2 weeks.  I have two issues with that: #1  What if my weight changes in the next 11 months?  Then I will have to pay for alterations  #2 That does not give me time to cough up a couple hundred dollars.  I get paid once a month (on the 1st).  My budget is done for this month and all of my money is allocated.  If I had more time, I could budget it in.  Even budgeting it in for February is tight.  

Am I wrong in thinking that getting dresses this early is a little crazy?   

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Re: wedding question--WDYT?

  • Do you have to pay for the dresses right away? Around here you can typically put down a deposit and then pay the balance when you pick up the dress. But I do agree that I think it is a little early for the dresses!
  • It does seem a little early to get your dresses. Has she already picked them out? Or are you going to try them on in two weeks? It seems like if she figures out the dress she wants you to buy you can just buy it and pick your size when it fits into your budget. Unless the dress is going out of style and you won't be able to buy it later this year.

    Have you talked to the bride about this yet? I would start there and see what she is thinking. Hopefully you'll be able to work something out.


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  • 11 months in advance?? That's so crazy. Is there a specific reason for this, or is the bride super plan-ahead-y?
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  • Whoa, that's really early.  My bridesmaids picked out their dresses about 6 months before the wedding, but some didn't order on the day we picked them out.  We went to David's Bridal for the dresses, so the sales lady said that as long as my bridesmaids ordered their dresses at least 3 months prior to the date, it'd be okay.  I chose David's Bridal for that very reason, just because I knew that a lot of my girls needed time to save up. 

    Do you know where you are going shopping?  You may be able to look up or call them for a payment policy ahead of time.  Did you explain the situation to your friend; I'd hope she'd understand. 

  • I agree, it's really early.  I was actually in the same situation recently (we bought our dresses the weekend after Thanksgiving, the wedding is this October) and I get what you mean when you say the extra money isn't in the budget. 

    I paid half when I ordered the dress, and will be paying the remaining half when the dress arrives sometime next month.  Hopefully you'll be able to work out a payment plan or be able to delay the ordering/payment so you have time to tweak your budget.  Good luck!

  • Her and her MOH already went and picked them out at David's.  I like the idea of ordering them later.  My fear is always that they will go out of stock, etc. and then I would be stuck.  I think that the bride is really just a plan-ahead type of girl and wants all this done NOW!

    I will see what Davids says when we go there.  I really don't want to buy it now. 

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    Robin's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
  • I would tell her what your concerns are. Also check with Davidson what their plan may be for this style. If it is super new, they may not be going out soon. You have plenty of time. My girls bought their dresses 3 months ahead.
  • Think you are going to have to be honest with her. Usually they have you buy a bigger size and alter it down.
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