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What does your SO do for work?

Do they enjoy it?  And how do you feel about it?

Pat's full time day job is running the simulation lab at the community college where he went to school for paramedicine.  He loves it.  He gets to play with dolls all day (really high tech expensive dolls) and make simulations for students.  He then has a control room where he watches and videotapes for critiquing how they deal with the scenario.  He works will all health science students - nursing, respiratory therapy, emergency medicine etc so he gets to create a wide variety of scenarios. 

This is the first semester where he is also not teaching a class.  I'm curious to see if he misses it or not.

I like his job pretty well.  It doesn't pay very good, but we have very good benefits and it makes him very happy.  Simulation is also big in the teaching world right now so I feel like running his own lab (and building it from the ground up) will be good for him long term wise.  

He also is a call firefighter and paramedic (lieutenant) so sometimes I both love and hate that job.  It's always something great to fall back on so I never worry about him being out of work, but that stupid pager is always going in our house (not that he goes on every call, but it's always there)!

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Re: What does your SO do for work?

  • Jason is a certified math teacher for 7-12. 

    Currently, he's working at a local school district as an Ohio Graduation Test prep tutor, meeting one-on-one with students all week.  It's not his favorite thing to do, as he would rather be teaching, but he does make the best of it.

    He also has a PT job with Huntington Learning Center tutoring for the ACTs.  He recently was working with a student who was notorious to struggle with English and Social Sciences on the test (he was more of a Math/Science kid).  Jason noticed that the ACT Reading section has a standard format (prose fiction, humanities, something else, and then research/sciences) and told the student the next time he took the practice test to start with the science sections and leave the prose and social sciences til last... if you were going to miss the points anyway,  at least ace the first two sections.  That student went from a 18 to a 25 (or something remarkable)!

    Regardless of where Jason is, students have a tendency to gravitate toward him (ironic considering he's not the most social creature).  It impresses me that without fail, he is always willing to give a student the benefit of the doubt or ignore preconceived notions from other teachers.  Because of this, I love what he does.  I love seeing his commitment to the students.

    Right now, with the state of education pretty much everyone, it's difficult to continue loving the profession, but will do everything in my power to see that he stays in this profession.

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  • He is a senior user experience designer. He went to school for web design. While his current job doesn't allow him to just design sites he still loves what he does. He basically makes it easy for people to navigate on his company's website (construction software).

    I really like the company he works for. They are always doing something fun at the office (like having ice cream parties, decorating contests etc.). They also throw a pretty good company picnic. I joined his work soccer team as well so even though I don't work there they still let me join! He also has had a few raises while being there so I can't complain about that! 

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  • DH is a project manager for a medical billing company. He really enjoys it and has grown so much with this company (started as a customer service rep). He travels around to clients and teaches them how to use their online software... he teaches both the front desk staff and the doctors. He typically travels 3 or so of the weeks a month but hasn't been traveling as much since he was promoted to PM (right before DD was born).

    I'm so proud of DH with his growth. When we first met, he was working at a retail store and didn't have that much motivation... he wanted to be a cop. He ended up leaving retail and going to work for a car dealership in the service department. That ended up being good skillset for us (both for getting good deals on cars, but also learning what was necessary and required for car maintenance). He was let go shortly after we were engaged and got a job at his current company.

    The funny thing is he is now in my dad's field and they have shared clients and run into each other on their travels. My dad *loves* that he can talk shop with DH and has embraced this and feels like he can give him advice/ help him with his career. It's been awesome to see him develop a career and a passion for something that he enjoys... and to find himself. He gets amazing reviews from his clients-- and the front desk staff that he trains always LOVE him.   

  • Tim is a software engineer (developer) for a defense contractor.  he doesn't necessarily love his current position, but he loves to actual work.  it all comes so naturally to him and he's very good...often getting things done that others couldn't figure out.

     I like that he likes his field of work much and i hope that he gets to work for an actual software company at some point because i think he'd really flourish



  • Larry works for a local Budweiser distributor.  Since we had Lucas he works nights and ends up being the one who loads the trucks for delivery the following day.  Before that he worked days and was the one who delivered.

    We both love/hate his job.  We love it because the benefits are exceptional, many of his coworkers have become some good friends and he gets to spend his days with Lucas.  But, it is a very labor intensive job that does a lot on his body.  He goes to work at 7:30 and doesn't get to leave until everything is done.  Sometimes this is 2am and sometimes this is 10am!  When he was delivering it was the same way, sometimes home at noon and sometimes home at like 6pm. 

    We don't know that this is his forever job, but it is perfect for us now.  He will definitely be there until we are done having kids (or move out of the area).

  • JT teaches digital media at private voc-ed high school.  He deals with mainly kids who have some sort of behavioral issue or learning disablities.  He did not go to school for teaching but he did go for digital media, specifically design.  He kind of fell into this job because it was all he could find at the time, he does love to turn some kids around that would have been just a drain on the system otherwise and some of them are that way and are just beyond hope.

    I don't like that this job is really emotionally draining so there's not a lot leftover for me at the end of the day.  He doesn't like the job because he doesn't get to be as creative as he would like, he very talented and he doesn't really have a lot of time left for that after work.

     He has been designing iPhone apps on the side with a friend, he is doing the design work and his friend does the programming ascept.  He is really hoping that this will take off and be his primary work.  He does a bit of freelance work here and there too. 

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  • Matt works for The Mark Travel Corporation (FunJet Vacations).  He is NOT a travel agent, rather he does the back end work for promotions, pricing, packages, etc.  If you travel/ed to Mexico or the carribbean through FunJet, chances are Matt had a hand in your trip.

    For the most part he likes it and he has some great coworkers.  I think he is looking for opportuinities in his job that will challnege him a bit more though.  It sounds like he is in line for a promotion (hopefully soon) so that should help.

    How do I feel about it?  As long as he's happy Smile

    He works hard and they seem to aknowledge and recognize him often for it, so that's good.  I also can't complain about the travel benefits Stick out tongue

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  • Jeff also works for my dad. (Before this he worked for AT&T a a fiber optic cable splicing technician. He was one of the guys who climbed poles or worked in underground vaults fixing or installing new lines. He was also a union steward.)

    Anyway for CPW he is currently the Retail General Manager - working his way up to GM and then eventual plans are for him to take over the family business.

    What his job entails is managing the shop (where plows and spreaders are installed and repaired), managing the parts counter for local sales, and managing the shipping department. He does so much during the day I don't know what he does most of the time because he is barely at his desk some days. (which isn't a bad thing seeing as how it is just the 2 of us in a 10'X12' office)

    He enjoys the job and finds it pretty easy but when he started he had to clean up a big mess from the last 2 guys that ran the shop and the counter. And the shipping department come to think of it but they were run by different people. Everyone is proud of him for how well he has done but there is still alot to do. He gets frusterated because my dad has been running this business for so long one particular way and it is hard to get him to see that certain people are screwing him over and that new ways may work better. It is getting to the point where my dad is starting to realize that it the business has gotten too big for him to do it all on his own.

     Do I like his job???? That is the question of the year. I like his job in that while we took a HUGE paycut and it is hurting us I know there is stability (even if it doesn't snow) and room for growth. I like that he is part of the family business even if I don't always want to be. Buuuuuuttttttt... it is exactly like I remember and feared. He is putting in so many hours B & I don't get to see him much. That is how I grew up for winters and it is one of my biggest fears for it to be my adult life and have B experience that too. (Summers are a total different story.) (And yes I Get to see him all day when I'm at the office but it isn't the same.) Hopefully it will only be this way for a couple years as he adjusts and as we move to a bigger building.

    Sorry that got so long this topic is something we have been discussing to death since he started.

  • Brian is the VP at a local high tech company where he does system integrations.

    For the most part, Brian likes what he does. Is he happy?? Not sure. He has worked at this place for almost 9 yrs and hardly gets any recognition for it. It is a small company of four but the company is very family oriented and flexible so if Brian needs to take days off here and there, he can.

    Currently, the President is in Taiwan voting so Brian is in charge for the next two weeks.

    Brian does enjoy the clients he works with but not the vendors since most of them are Taiwanese based and there is a language barrier.

    He did dabble in video surveillance but that has not gained any momentum as it is $$ to set it up, especially for a company.

    Brian has mentioned he wants to do a career change (more specifically in gold prospecting). However, there really is not a job out there that has benefits for gold prospecting.

    I have always told Brian, whenever he wakes up and dreads going to work, you need to start looking. As long as he is happy, I am happy. 

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  • My Matt (since we have, what, 3?) is a management analyst for a large accounting company. He likes his job, but doesn't love it. He has great flexibility and a good working environment, which is what he loves the most. DH talks about really wanting to teach, likely at the high school level. I am 100% supportive of this, but would like him to pick his subject area before we start paying for the schooling he will need. I think he would make a good high school teacher and could relate to kids on that level.

    By night, Matt officiates basketball (high school and college), football (high school), and baseball (high school). He LOVES this. He is a very good official and has been voted in the top 3 officials for our area for basketball by his peers, after only 6 years in the business. This is quite an accomplishment and I'm proud of him for it. It does keep him away from home a lot in the evenings, especially in December through February, but that is good for us most of the time since I love my alone time and it really does bring him happiness. We really look at his officiating as a hobby more than a job, though, because he would not do it if he didn't like it. Hopefully someday you will see him on TV officiating in the NCAA, which would be his dream.

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  • FI (squeee!!!) is a firefighter full time. He works 24 hour shifts, with 48 hours off. So far I've really enjoyed his schedule. It's easy for him to do exchanges and get multiple shifts off in a row, so he could potientally be off for weeks at a time and still be paid for it. On the flip side, when he does the exchanges for those people, he sometimes works 48-72 hours at a time.

    I'm very proud of him for what he does and I love how passionate he is about his career.

    In his spare time, he does hobby farming at his grandpa's farm. Last summer was hay and soybeans, and this summer is wheat and hay. He also does snowplowing in the winter, but has only been out twice this winter because of our lack of snow.

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  • DH manages a Health Club at a local Resort - he hates it and if there was something out there that would pay him what he is making now (not much) he would leave in a heart beat...They take advantage of him because they know he won't say no...
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  • DH starts his new position as Lieutenant Training Coordinator for the fire department tomorrow. It's a 40hr/week position, so he'll work M-F, no weekends/holidays. He will have a radio at the house and have to be on call for whole dept callbacks on big fires, etc, but that shouldn't (hopefully) be too often.

    I'm really looking forward to this new adventure. We've always dealt with his shift schedule and he's always gone on weekends and holidays. I think that after the initial adjustment period that we're really going to enjoy having a regular schedule! I also feel like he'll be safer this way :)

    Up until now, he has been Senior Firefighter on shift, in charge of one engine company. His schedule was on 24/off 24/on 24/off 24/on 24/off for 4 days. I sometimes liked having days to myself, but I hated going to weddings and holidays by myself.

    Besides his work at the fire department, he is a Lead Instructor at two local colleges. I like the extra money it gives us to do fun things like vacations :)

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  • Jonathan is a parts advisor at the Mazda dealership.

    He took pre-employment mechanics after high school, and cars are certainly his thing. He's worked at another dealership but in service. He seems to really enoy this job as he works with customers.

    I'll always be happy if J has a job that he enjoys. This job pays more than any other job he's had, which makes things a little easier for us. He also has weekends off, which is awesome. When he worked at the Casino he worked every weekend for about 3 years. My job has me working a lot of Saturdays but we still get to spend every Sunday together.

    I doubt this is a "forever" kind of job, but it's a good place for now!

  • imagejaimebeth9:

    What does DH do?  Dan is the Maintenance Supervisor for a local vo-tech school; he's been in this position for 1 1/2 years.  He is also a volunteer firefighter, and is currently serving his 3rd year as Fire Chief.

    Do they enjoy it?  Yes, he says atleast weekly that he loves his job.  He works M-F 7-3, or later if need be.  He gets holidays off and school vacations off.  During the summer he has a modified schedule of 8-4, four days a week, alternating M and F off. He also now carries the benefits for us.

     Prior to this job, he worked for a commercial roofing company.  He started there on summer breaks when he was 16 and worked there until 2010.  This job had him working out of town alot, some weekends, and working in the rain and freezing cold.  The only part he enjoyed at that job, besides the high rate jobs, was being laid off in the winter time. Once Levi came into the picture, he did not want to work out of town.  He took a slight pay cut to accept his current job, but it was a great decision for our family.

    And how do you feel about it?  I'm glad he's happy.  I knew he was miserable at the roofing job, but he stuck with it because it paid really well.  I love the fact that we both work M-F; that we are both home in the evenings,  and we both have weekends and major holidays off together.

    He also is a call firefighter and paramedic (lieutenant) so sometimes I both love and hate that job.  It's always something great to fall back on so I never worry about him being out of work, but that stupid pager is always going in our house (not that he goes on every call, but it's always there)!

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  • Alexi is a manager of 15 (5 in India, 10 here) and he and his team do computer programming and reporting using SAS. The reports are used for analytical purposes  by various depts in our company (we work at same place) such as actuaries, the exec team, underwriters, etc. He loves what he does and has been with the company since he was a high school intern. He's literally worked his way up from the bottom. Now he has a window office, with table, and garage parking- all are hard to come by there. 

     I have no issues with his job for the most part and i like that he's happy.  He's always in meetings, so it's hard to find him sometimes during the day and he does have to work from home sometimes, but I can't complain. He's built himself a name there and is our bread winner. Im proud of his progress as he's moved up a lot since we met in 2006. He should finish his MS this semester, so we'll see where that takes him!

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  • Heather that's awesome. A table is next of my office agenda ;)


    Chris is a mechanical engineer. She works for a medical device company (her MS was in medical related mechanical engineering) making spinal implants. She likes her job well enough, and her team/boss are good. She's had to change jobs twice since we met in 2006 (moving from DE to PA to NJ) but its been pretty lucrative and she's making about 40% more now than then, which is a big change for 5 yrs in this economy (without a major title change).  She'll need to decide soon if she wants to go into project or people management, for tracking purposes, though in all reality its likely she'll need to move companies to move up. 

    She'd love to be a HS teachers, but that's a long way off if on the table at all since its be a significant pay cut to come in the at the bottom step of the teaching scale (even at MS + 30, which is where she'd be by the time she did the teaching MS).  

  • Ryan is Vice President/COO of a huge Mechanical Contracting company that handles commercial air conditioning. 

    I love that he has such a great job. It comes with many free perks too. ie. trip to Belize, Canada, and he has gone on many paid hunting/fishing trips..

    He pretty much works 40 hours a week and his home with me and the kids! That is the best part about it 

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  • B is a database systems analyst for a company that contracts out to other projects.  He was a math major in college and fell into the programming side.  He is also one class away (which starts next week) from his MBA with a concentration in business intelligence.  I am encouraging him to apply to more of a "dream job" scenerio, which he thinks is a longshot.  I don't want to go into details here yet.

    He likes his job ok, we'll see what happens when he's done his degree.  I like his flexibility the best.  His boss is great and understanding, so he can take off if P is sick and I can't.  He can also work from home if we need someone to do something to the house.  He has reasonable hours, too.  

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  • He has a Masters in Pastoral Counseling that he is not using; the main reason is he needs to get 2000hrs of supervised experience to become fully licensed and it is hard to find a place that is even hiring for counselor in training, let alone pay you.

    So, he works at Culvers, a "quick service' restaurant that serves up Wisconsin's favorite butterburger (yes, we really put butter on burgers here). He is the general manager, and mostly dislikes his job. He works mostly with highschoolers who don't give a sh!t about the business, but he is running a business. He often feels unappreciated by his boss, the owner. He works long hours, easily 60+ a week. I hate his job mostly for that reason. He works one weekend day every.single.week, so weekend trips are rare. He works half day on Tuesday. His vacation days are vague, so I have to pull teeth to convince him he deserves them.

    Despite all this, he occasionally talks about wanting to own his own Culvers one day. Or he talks about taking over his dad's insurance biz. He isn't overly interested in pursuing the counseling thing, and the longer he goes without using the degree, the less chance that he will, I think.

  • Garett works for a farmer that he has worked for on and off for since he was 15. He loves it to death and that all that matters to me. He can take off when ever he needs to. The spring and fall the hours are much longer and that can kinda bit but we deal with it.

    He did go to school for masonary (spelling?) and loved doing that but that work got really slow and he needed somthing with a more steady pay check.

  • Sorry I'm late!

     DH is a senior software engineer for a contractor who is working with the FAA. He was with a Department of Defense contractor when we lived in Mass, he made a paralell move when we came to NY. He loves what he does, just not the company he's doing it for. He's got his masters in software engineering, and hopes to someday get his PHD. He also has a side business that he owns designing software.

    I'm grateful that he excels at his job and seems to like it. Some times it sucks that he's got long hours, etc, but I think that he does that to himself.

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  • Patrick works for a security systems warehouse.  They sell the equipment to companies that install security systems/cameras/swipe cards...those type of things.  He has worked there since early spring last year and was just made fulltime Jan 3rd...yippee!  My brother works there fun. He does some traveling when they need someone to help another branch get caught up when they get behind in repairs or orders.

    I like that he gets along with his co-workers and actually likes going in to work.  The only downfall is my brother is moody and tends to take his crabbiness out on my hubby, but they both usually get over it quickly.


  • DH is a security guard at a high school that is close to my work.

    He was let go from his job over a year ago and he has been working in Construction since then while he looked for other jobs. It was a serious pay check but at least it paid the bills. He quit his job doing Construction to take a 2 week security substitute job, but it got him in the system and then he got the first permanent security job he interview for the week after the sub job ended. He absolutely loves it, the kids love him, the pay is decent, and he is stable from now until retirement if he wants to stay in this job (which I really think he does). I drive about an hour to work, but DH's high school is about 10 minutes before my school so it works out really well for us to carpool! I love it!

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  • A works for a general contarctor that does insurance work.  They go in and fix houses or businesses that have some type of loss (fire, wind, water, etc.).  A is the drywall specialist and also does finish work, painting, and pretty much everything else.  He loves what he does because he is very very good at it but his employer is horrible.  He should be making a lot more than what he makes now but his employer uses and abuses them.  It's pretty bad.  I used to work there as well so I know exactly how shady they are.  I hate it there and I hate that he won't find another job.   

    A would rather be designing things (he has a prototype of something that looks like it may do well, in fact his bro is going to buy it off him and gove him a percentage of sales if A doesn't get on it!!).  He is very very good at making things but he feels lost because he never went to school for it. 



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