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Low T treatment

SO and I agree that he would begin treatment for his low testosterone in Jan. We tried the natural way for a year and it really did not work at all. Have any of you guys went through this type of treatment with your SO? If so do you have and advice or comments? How long did it take for him to get his sex drive back?

I am more than ready for this probelm to be fixed. It has put a major strain on our relationship. Hopefully the doctors will be able to help us....




Re: Low T treatment

  • Everybody is different -- bear that in mind.

    Is he seeing an endocrinologist? Has he also, as a precaution, been screened for cardiac, thyroid and circulatory issues, as well as diabetes? (these issues, too, can result in erectile problems; it is not just low testosterone that can cause it)
  • Have you actually gotten it checked yet??  Like pp said, it could be something else.  However, Low testosterone is not a huge deal when treated.  My H had a hard time with stress and energy, which affected his sex drive.  Once he started treating for low T, things got much better all around. He started out using testim--a cream that he rubs on his shoulders.  But it was a pain in the ass.  Now, he uses Axiron, which is applied similarly to deodorant.  It is much easier to deal with.  The most important thing is that you don't need to come in contact with the testosterone.  Axiron makes it much easier to avoid, as well.  GL!
  • My hubby just started the shots a month ago.  He was first diagnosed a year & a half ago (T level was 211)  he started the cream & stayed on it until his last check in Dec.  By then, it had only raised his level to 306.  We are hoping the shots help bring it up way more than that.  The Dr. said it would reallt take 1-3 months for the full effect to be fingers crossed!  :-)
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