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Baton Rouge questions

Hi ladies,

I am moving to Baton Rouge at the end of January and have a bunch of questions about all of your favourites!

1. favorite grocery store:

2.  favorite place to workout

3. best places to get deals

4. other hidden secrets of Baton Rouge you would tell a newcomer about?


Thanks so much!

Re: Baton Rouge questions

  • 1. Winn-Dixie

    2. Bally's Fitness

    3. What kind of deals? That's a VERY generic question.

    4. What area? Are you looking for back roads, areas to stay away from, bars, etc?

    Where are you moving from? Tell us about yourself. 

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  • image cmrogerson:

    Hi ladies,

    I am moving to Baton Rouge at the end of January and have a bunch of questions about all of your favourites!

    1. favorite grocery store: Fresh Market

    2.  favorite place to workout Bally's

    3. best places to get deals like clothes, food, house stuff, etc?

    4. other hidden secrets of Baton Rouge you would tell a newcomer about?you will not eat at regular chain restaurants again, except for drive thru, and even then you will have a home grown place. Whenever you travel or go home nothing will compare.


    Thanks so much!

  • Thanks ladies,

    We are moving from Canada! We already have a house in the garden district so we will be close to campus for my husband's job.

    We do not have either of those groceries stores in Canada so I will need to check them out. When I was in BR in November, I went to Whole Foods and every single item was cheaper there than what we pay in Canada currently. I cannot wait to see the other grocery store prices... I have heard I will be shocked!

    We also do not have a Bally's here but I will have to check it out as a gym option.

    Its always good to get the insider scoop on places to go/ not go. I do not chain restaurants so that will work well for me. I did enjoy the food when I was there in November.I'm not really a fan of fried food but I love seafood!


    A bit about me: I work in healthcare but also teach pilates. My husband is a university professor. I would still call us newlyweds as we got married in June. I love wine, tea, knitting (not going to work as well with the hot weather in the south!), hot yoga, and vacations. I am trying to prepare myself some the "culture shock" of living in a very different place though I do not think it will be that bad. When we were in BR in November, I absolutely loved it and was excited to move. People were very helpful and friendly and the customer service was absolutely amazing.

  • Feel free to PM me, DH used to be a prof at LSU.
  • 1. I love Whole Foods (especially since they really are "whole"; so fresh) but they are a bit more pricey than most of the others. There is Carter's but I wouldn't recommend them. The place I shop the most for groceries is Winn Dixie.

    2. I don't workout very much but when I do I like to go to a large corporate gym. They offer so much more than little ones. Bally's like the other ladies suggested is good. Great even. Very good recommendation. :)

    3. I like deals just as much as the next person but I think everywhere you go you can get some kind of deals. For clothing (I like new fashion) I shop Wet Seal (A store in the Mall of Louisiana--check this mall out when you get a chance--). They have the best sales and deals I have ever seen. I got a great shirt one time for $4. 

    4. One not very hidden secret that a newcomer might not know is the traffic. OMG! Be careful of I-10/I-12 about 10 miles any direction from where they meet is just awful around 8am and 5:30/6:00pm and then construction on I-12 starts about 8pm. We are from the Hammond area and when we go to Baton Rouge we say either leave about 6am or wait till 9 because if you leave after 6:30 or 7 you will get there about when you would if you had left at 9. Marti Gras is a funtastic event. 3rd and 4th week in February. Look in the local newspaper for the Lagniappe (Lan-yap) for the itinerary for events and you'll find a schedule for the Marti gras celebrations. Unless you are brave I wouldn't go to the New Orleans festivals. But the ones around Baton Rouge or Hammond or Ponchatoula are pretty fun. Especially for kids. If you like Greek or Lebanese food there is a local restaurant called Albasha Restaurant. And if you like chicken strips, THE best place in town is Raising Cane's. If you like bbq, I would recommend Voo Doo BBQ.

    PJs is a local coffee chain that amazingly enough has a pretty great wine bar and awesome coffee.


    LSU is a pretty fun and inviting university and the town of Baton Rouge I think reflects that also.


    I think thats it. Hope you enjoy it.

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