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I thought of you today when I was at work. A Providence College choir came to our school to sing, and will be at our church tonight. They were amazing! One of our staff is actually a graduate of the college too. Just thought you might have some ties to it... 

Re: ::rosesforme::

  • I love how 11 people have looked in this post. Snoops, hehe 

    My husband went there but I don't really have ties. What was the staff member's name? He'd probably know who it was or look them up in his year book!

     btw a couple weeks I thought of you. I had seen in your blog that your school did character day which I thought was so cool. And then... a couple weeks later we did the same thing for our March into Reading week. I was the Paper bag princess but several of my students were Franklin, just like your nephew!

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  • His name was Dr. Henry Schellenberg I believe. They introduced all the choir members and it was neat b/c the majority were from MB. I liked hearing all their menno names and the towns they were from :)

     Do you have a teaching job? You are done, right?

    How are you doing these days? I know you were struggling with church/family/friend issues and then your cousin passing. I hope you are hanging in there!

  • I'll have to ask Steve about him.

    I am all done practicum and I have put in my resume for 7 jobs now. One I didn't get, it went to a very deserving classmate of mine and I'm waiting on all the rest because I just applied for them. Hopefully I'll get a call for an interview soon! Today was the first day I could sub but I didn't get any early morning phone call.

    I'm doing ok, life is a little unsettled now because I'm unemployed and in the waiting phase. I've applied for a bunch of jobs in Steinbach (that might be a town you heard with all those Prov kids), and so then we would move and change churches and stuff which I think would be good. We just need more couple friends and it's just not happening here.

    I think Renee's death is starting to feel real now. It no longer feels like she's going to call or that I can tell her about a great new recipe. The other two (of our four) Monique who lives in Van and Karyn who lives in Jordan are coming home at the end of the month which is so incredibly exciting. Karyn wasn't able to come home when everything happened so it will be good to be together.

    How about you? How's EAing going? Are you excited for having the summer off or do you have other plans? Whatever happened to your cupcake business?

     btw I have a blog now too,

    Have a good day! 

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  • I'll have to check out your blog! Do you use Facebook? If so, I'll have to add you and we can chat that way. I am never on here, but when i thought of you the other day I was hoping you would see the page!

     Congrats on finishing! You should apply at our school :) I'm sure you will get tons of subbing. Our school is calling all the new grads like crazy. All the teachers are so run down this time of year.

     I have actually been to Steinbach! Change is always good. The best thing Dan and I did after getting married was move away. That way, we did things our way, as a unit, vs. doing what our families wanted or what was expected of us.

    I will try and find you on Facebook and we can chat there :)

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