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hey nesties!



DH is downstairs conducting a meeting with his Aussie Rules Footy team so I'm up here nesting. I haven't been on in a while so I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed (which I'm finding harder in this new format).  

 anyway, hope all is well. I don't have much news except I am officially uninterested in my current job and starting to look elsewhere.  fingers crossed it happens soon.

Re: hey nesties!

  • I know what you mean about the new format, I hate it too for that reason!

    Good luck on the new job hunt.  Are you planning to stay in the same field?  With your experience, i'm sure that something will come along soon:-)

  • I hope you find something else soon, it sounds like some pretty bad stuff when down when you were posting a few weeks ago. Maybe some change is just what you need =)
  • Hey, good to see you!  Sorry things aren't going well with your job.  Is it because of whatever happened on that really bad day??  Hope you find something new soon. 
  • Well hello there!  I am making dinner (very slowly!) and sitting on the couch with DH while he watches Smallville.  We probably won't eat until almost 9:30.  Yikes!  Hope you can find a job that keeps you interested!
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  • let us know when the job hunt is ready for pasties and tutus.... I swear they work wonders!
  • I was just thinking about you today and wondering how you are doing.
  • Hi ladies...I literally fell asleep after posting a few times. I guess I was tired!

     Thanks for all the well wishes for the job hunt.  It is exactly related to that awful day at work (in fact again my boss today mentioned how it was in her opinion "the worst management decision she's every seen in her 20 years on the job. that you just don't break a person's spirit like that").

    Anyway, i have very positive leads so far and I'm pretty confident good things are coming my way.  I'll keep you all posted! and I'm totally up for some pasties and tutus - never have enough of those in my life ;)

  • Wowza...again don't know exactly what went down but I hope that you have alot of success finding something that not only excites you but someplace that will appreciate what you are bringing to the table.
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