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Milwaukee Resources

I know this used to be asked a lot around here, but there's so little traffic and old posts are now gone.

MH & I are working on moving to the greater Milwaukee area, estimated 3/1/12, from Green Bay. Any resources you'd recommend for transitioning?

(Forrent.com and rent.com seem to have been the best we've found for finding a rental.  Would you agree or suggest someplace else?  Any personal experience with any of the management companies - raves or rants?)

What about non-rental resources, like neighborhood info, things to do, getting into life in Mke?


Re: Milwaukee Resources

  • We found our rental on craigslist.  I found it to be better for looking for smaller apartment buildings, duplexes, and SFHs.  What kind of neighborhood do you want?  City or suburbs?  Where will you be working?  I love living in MKE, so I'll be happy to answer whatever questions I can.

    Little Bridey Twist, begging for a bowl of Chobani. Just like in the orphanages of yore.
  • Thanks, bridey!  I immediately thought of you and 1-2 others I know live in Mke area.

    We don't really want to live IN Milwaukee (definitely not downtown.)  Right now, we're looking more toward the western or southwestern suburbs (Oak Creek, Pewaukee, Waukesha, Franklin, etc) but mostly because those areas seem to have a little roomier apartments with more dog-friendly amenities (some have little dog runs).  That said, we'd consider anything in a pretty safe neighborhood that didn't discriminate against our dog (75-lb German Shepherd/Border Collie/Husky mix, but her adoption paperwork lists her as a Collie/Husky mix. As with mixes, it's anyone's guess.  She's trained & comes with good references.)  We're leaning more and more toward "must" having a garage (since we're downsizing and will still have some non-apartment things) and preferably W/D hookups (or included.)

    Quite a challenge, but we're trying to find a decent value for those things included (within reason; we're not expecting all that for $700/month. Haha)

    I don't have employment lined up yet, but am working on it.  My manager approached me about working short-term remotely through my current project, which would bridge the gap, so to speak, but I'm also applying for a few other positions internally that allow long-term remote employment.  (They'd be more of a business analyst/advisory role versus my current administrative report-processing type role.)  I also ::fingers crossed:: have an interview next week for an Administrative Assistant in northern Milwaukee. 

  • Hmm, I am less helpful on those locations.  I sort of despise the western suburbs, mostly because I pretty much hate sprawl and find the traffic to downtown unbearable.  I thought living 7 miles from downtown was too far.  I consider Grafton to be "up north."  :)

    IMO there's a HUGE difference between Oak Creek/Franklin area and Pewaukee/Waukesha when it comes to commuting, which is why I ask where your job would be.  But not everybody has the aversion to traffic and commuting that I do.  I haven't even been in a car since Sunday!  I recently applied for a job in Waukesha and while I want the job, even a reverse commute makes me want to puke.

    The dog is the complicating part.  I don't have a lot of advice on that.  If you are interested in the city but want more space, you might have luck finding a SFH or duplex in the Bayview neighborhood (which I love).  In Franklin and Oak Creek, I think you'll mostly find larger apartment buildings.

    If you want a SFH or duplex but want to be in the suburbs, you might have luck in St. Francis/Cudahy/South Milwaukee on the southeast side or Wauwatosa/Greenfield/Greendale on the west side.


    Little Bridey Twist, begging for a bowl of Chobani. Just like in the orphanages of yore.
  • I really appreciate your feedback!  It's tough - we LOVE the Milwaukee area and have spent many a weekend down there, but never with the eyes of "where would we live down here?"

    It's also good to know you don't think Craigslist is a complete waste as far as rentals... it always makes me nervous.  We've found it difficult to find SFH or duplexes (or at least one within a price range we'll consider... everything has been priced $1100+ with all utilities extra).  We have seen a few in the Riverwest area, which we're not sure we're ready for. This is how we defaulted to the apartment scenario. Sad

    Haha, I know it seems REALLY trivial compared to Milwaukee, but GB traffic has prepared us for Milwaukee (Packer games and the current construction, Hwy 172 or Leo Frigo bridge nightmares).  Both MH & I find  Milwaukee drivers to be BETTER than GB drivers, so even traffic isn't AS PAINFUL in  Milwaukee, but I agree with your point. I don't really want to be stuck in traffic for an hour a day each way to work. Tongue Tied

  • I actually live in the city and like the other poster, I'm not a big fan of sprawl and as my husband and I joke, beigeville or symmetryville. If you're not ready for Riverest I would consider Bayview or Wauwatosa. You should be able to find a two bedroom duplex, with a dining room, garage and laundry for $900 or less in tosa. I live right near tosa and work downtown and Mg commute is about 20 minutes.

    I hope you find something you like.
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