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gonna V8 Slap DH

yep I just made dinner, nothing special just baked chicken, some side kicks and corn.  Seriously nothing special.   So Dh inhales his dinner and leave the corn untouched.  I just had to make him eat his veggies.  So I married a four year old...what can you do?


Re: gonna V8 Slap DH

  • I think that the real purpose of grown men is to prepare women for raising children.  Seriously.
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    Mom, why are you washing my feed in the sink?!
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  • I seriously LOL'ed at that!
  • :P  Sometimes I wonder whether or not I am right.
    Read my blog!
    Mom, why are you washing my feed in the sink?!
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  • my DH loves his vegetables, maybe that means we shouldn't have any kids!
  • That's hilarious - I just envisioned the commercial. I'm thankful DH eats his veggies, but probably because his mom V8 slapped him in his younger days!
  • I've gotta admit -- I'm the non-veggie lover in our household, but I'm getting better! My MOH actually made a joke that DH would have to make me eat my veggies before I get dessert in her speech Angel

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    I'll love you forever,
    I'll like you for always,
    As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.
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  • I so hear you!!!!  DH does not like anything!!  I honestly thought making food would be easy for us when we moved in together and got married.  I'm starting to get really frustrated!!  He won't eat lettuce, so salads are out.  He will eat corn, fresh beans, uncooked carrots and potatoes.  For fruit he will eat only granny smith apples.

    I did tell him though straight off the bat that once we have kids he is eating every vegetable put in front of him and he agreed.  So he only has 6 more months of being picky.

    Kristin & Dave


    Happy Easter

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