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Holiday Highlights?

How was Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate this time of year)?

Best gift?

Worst gift?

Weirdest gift?

Any funny incidents/family drama?

What are you doing for NYE?

Re: Holiday Highlights?

  • How was Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate this time of year)? It was good, but very busy! We hosted Christmas eve dinner for my parents and siblings at our house. On Christmas, we went to DH's grandma's house. It was a lot of fun there. Then the morning after Christmas, we went to MIL's house.

    Best gift? I got a lot of really cool presents. I don't know if I can pick just one. With one of the gift cards MIL gave me, I bought myself a professional blow dryer Smile

    Worst gift? Ummm ... I didn't really get any gifts that I didn't like.

    Weirdest gift? Well, I asked for stuff for school ... and I got a whole box full of office supplies! Definitely not your normal presents, but I was pretty geeked out when I opened the box!

    Any funny incidents/family drama? For the secret Santa at DH's grandma's house, DH's aunt and uncle gave another uncle and his daughter a Guido/Guidette survival kit, since they watch Jersey Shore. It was pretty funny. She got Aqua Net hairspray, self-tanner and pasta; he got hair glue, the Situation's workout video and pasta.

    What are you doing for NYE? After this past weekend of running around, we're going to just take it easy and stay around the house. I doubt we'll even make it to midnight ... in our years together, we haven't made it to midnight on NYE once. We're old people, lol

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  • How was Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate this time of year)?  Alright... We went to church on Christmas Eve and then to dinner at the home of someone DH knows.  I objected to having to spend a holiday with people I don't know well (and don't really like), but I lived through it.  We had Christmas dinner at my Godfather's club, and it was nice.

    Best gift?  DH got me a book called Handmade in India, which I've wanted for a long time.  It's an illustrated encyclopedia of handcrafts from various parts of India.

    Worst gift?  None of them were really bad, but my dad gave us tea that was in his cupboard that my mom had bought... so more just awkward and unpleasant in context.

    Weirdest gift?  A glittery seal ornament from my aunt... weird in a good way.

    Any funny incidents/family drama?  My dad brought random photos to Christmas dinner for me to identify, which I thought was a bit inappropriate.  The people whose home we went to for Christmas Eve fought with each other and had totally inappropriate conversations, but they're always like that.

    What are you doing for NYE?  We're having a smallish party at home, about a dozen people.  Just dinner, drinks, and music.
  • How was Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate this time of year)? Not too bad.  Lonely.  H was working.

    Best gift? The necklace my sister bought me in London.

    Worst gift? I dunno.  Most of them were good.

    Weirdest gift? The ceramic Santa riding on a dove my grandparents gave me was bizarre...

    Any funny incidents/family drama? No. 

    What are you doing for NYE? H is working.  I'm having friends over for a party.

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  • How was Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate this time of year)?

    It was fun. I was off for 2.5 weeks from work so it was really, really nice. I dread going back to work tomorrow.

    Best gift?

    I got a few great gifts. MH bought me earrings and a matching bracelet. And socks. I really do love getting socks!

    Worst gift?

    It's not the worst - but we seem to always get a picture frame for every holiday from my parents. It's cute. 

    Weirdest gift?

    Ok maybe the picture frame for every holiday is weird. There are only so many pictures we can have around the house - we're close to maxing out!

    Any funny incidents/family drama?

    I guess the only "drama" was my brother dropping my parents off early on Christmas day on his way to his in-laws. We had no idea they would come that early - they called on their way over. MH and I didn't even get a chance to shower. 

    What are you doing for NYE?

    We went out to our favorite Thai restaurant with friends and then come home and watched Psych re-runs.

  • How was Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate this time of year)?

    Christmas was nice.  My DH had to work both Christmas Eve and Day, so that stunk, but he made it to the right places in time for dinner each night so I was thankful for that.

    Best gift?

    DH bought me an iPad.  I was absolutely shocked.

    Worst gift?

    There wasn't anything totally horrible, but my sister got me fuzzy/glittery earmuff headphones. 

    Weirdest gift?

    See above

    Any funny incidents/family drama?

    There wasn't really anything funny or dramatic.  It was a pretty normal holiday

    What are you doing for NYE?

    We went to NYC to visit my DH's grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  They have a family celebration for New Years just like most people have for Christmas.  The celebration involves four meals spaced throughout the night, in addition to appetizers. I think it might be a Portuguese thing.
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