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Wearing Pantie Liners EVERYDAY...

So....  This question stems from my MIL.  She has been staying with us over the holidays in our TINY studio apartment.  And EVERYDAY I have seen multiple pantie liners in the trash can in our bathroom.  I have noticed this here and there over the years at her house and wondered if she wore them everyday but now it has become obvious to me that she does.  So, last night I looked it up online to see if that was common.  And apparently LOTS of women wear them everyday.  It seemed that most of the women/girls on yahoo.answers do so to keep their "underwear clean".


This just seems odd to me.  Underwear, to me, is almost disposable.  Even at Victoria Secrets you can get five pairs for $25.  It made me wonder if it women generally have insecurities (bordering on disgust) when it comes to their excretion because for me it has always been the exact opposite.  I find it sexy and feminine what are your thoughts?

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Re: Wearing Pantie Liners EVERYDAY...

  • It is not a good idea to wear pantie liners everyday.  Its actually best to wear cotton underwear.  Other materials can irritate the skin or hold in moisture that can lead to irritation.

     I have to say I was one of the weird ones.  In gradeschool I obsessed about my underwear being spotless.  I didn't want any dripping going on and my mom frequently found that I would stuff toilet paper in my underwear to keep my underwear dry.  To appease me, I suppose, she introduced me to panty liners while I was in gradeschool  I used them on and off.  When I hit puberty, I was not explained much about what to expect with discharge.  I just was told that I would bleed.  Whenever I'd have lots of discharge, I'd wear a panty liner.  This however held moisture in and actually caused me to have more discharge.  In the end I was wearing a pad every day of the year and causing myself a lot of unneeded irritation.  It was hard for me to get over this hang up of mine, but thankfully I did.

  • I wore them every day until I got married and, by extension, had sex for the first time. Somehow I stopped caring so much after that. I still wear them when traveling to my parents' house or the in-laws', but that's mainly so I don't have to put damp panties back in the suitcase. I've always had a lot of natural lubrication and was admittedly self-conscious about it before. Now I view it as a good thing.
  • I call MUD. 
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  • Thanks for the input ladies.  Not sure what "MUD" stands for but the other replies were informative.

     As for learning about female discharge...  I can remember vividly learning about the possibility in the fourth grade but by then I think I had already been made aware of the bodily function, like I had been my period, probably from my mom.  It just never crossed my mind to wear pantie liners everyday to save my underwear from getting dirty but I suppose it is more like not wanting to get your pants or shirt dirty than it is about a "sexual hangup" or something along those lines. 



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  • image CiGiDancer:

      Not sure what "MUD" stands for but the other replies were informative.




    Never mind, just looked it up on the Urban Dictionary...

    I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker
  • I find it weird that your first reaction any woman wearing panty liners frequently is that they would have a sexual hangup.  I wear them often because I have PCOS.  It takes my body a long time to work up enough hormones to actually ovulate (assuming my body manages to ovulate at all in a given cycle).  My body attempts to ovulate multiple times in a cycle, so I have multiple occurrences of EWCM during my cycles.  It can sometimes be so excessive that it soaks not only my underwear, but makes my pants wet as well.  So, I wear panty liners to avoid that.  Not every day, but I would think definitely more so than women who don't have as much discharge as I get during my cycles.  I do not have any sexual hang ups that have caused me to wear panty liners.
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  • She also might have bladder control issues., stop looking through the garbage!
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  • It is weird that that was my first reaction but like I said in my original post, it was the way the women on yahoo.answers were talking about it that made me wonder if that was the reason behind someone wearing pantie liners everyday.  They literally seemed disgusted by their discharge.
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  • I think this may just be me, but I wear them every day and change them often.  My doc says it's normal, but I have A LOT of discharge, so much so that my undies become pretty wet and very, very uncomfortable.  Also, I guess bacteria would build up and it would get nasty.  (sorry if TMI).  I often change my liner every time I use the restroom. 

     At first I was like "what is wrong with me" but my gyno said it was normal for some women.  So yeah, some people do wear pantie liners everyday.  It's a PITA though, because I always have to buy them and if I forget to replenish my supply in my purse, I'm miserable at work or when I'm out.

  • Discharge is normal, but sometimes with hormone issues discharge can become quite excessive to the point that it's not just on your undies, it's soaking through your pants.  It has nothing to do with insecurity and a lot to do with the fact that not everything has a spare pair of pants on them at all times.

    The fact that you take note of someones very personal hygeine practices is more worrisome than someone wearing pantiliners on a daily basis.

  • Give the guy a break "Dr Phil" the question is legit.  Us guys need to be educated on these things and I think it's cool that the OP is out there seeking knowledge over ignorance.

    IMHO perfectly normal.

    So much about "normal" feminine hygiene is a complete mystery to us dudes.  What can I say we live in caves.  I was in a couple of serious long term relationships before taking the plunge and never had a clue.  Three years into an amazing marriage I must regrettably inform you that excessive panty liner usage is just the tip of the feminine weirdness iceberg.

    Truth is, most of it is not that strange once you wrap your mind around it, you just have to get past the initial... "REALLY? phase".  I mean you know what your working with and how it works... You thought you knew what they had and how it worked...  but... you don't.  Sometimes I'm convinced that they don't know either.

    Anywho, I'm not sure if the daily pantyliner need is real or imagined but it makes her happy/secure and that makes me happy.  My advice... as long as there is no foul smell (like OMG rotting meat) then daily discharge is nothing to worry about.  Could be yeast, easy excitability?, spotting, whatever... all normal, chill out, take it easy, enjoy the journey, your mind will be blown!  

  • image LilBlkDress1:
    She also might have bladder control issues., stop looking through the garbage!

    this. it may have nothing to do with discharge. A LOT of older women who have given birth have problems with bladder control.  this is a well-known problem-- one of the many lasting effects pregnancy and childbirth has on a woman's body. she probably just feels too young to be in adult diapers. 

  • image LilBlkDress1:
    She also might have bladder control issues., stop looking through the garbage!

    This was my thought. After a kid or 2, and the older generations not knowing about doing kegels- my 1st thought would be that whenever she coughs or pees, or even just gets full, she might leak a little, and to help with that- she wears liners.

  • i work in a assisted living facility and a lot of women with light bladder leakage wear panty liners every day
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