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Healthy BC?

For awhile I was taking the pill, and I tried a few different kinds, but the hormones really messed with me! I also got pregnant while on the bc pills and miscarried, so I nixed that one.

I am trying to live a more healthy lifestyle and I really don't want to do something that will have negative effects on my body!

I know there is always keeping track of your cycle, but mine is very irregular so I don't feel charting would really ensure not getting pregnant. We have just been using condoms but sometimes spontanaiety gets the best of us, I would like to have something more secure.

What kinds of BC have you tried that has worked for you? I don't mind something a little more long term, im not looking to have children for about 3 more years!

Por Siempre


Re: Healthy BC?

  • I use the generic of Seasonale -- the one that gives you a period every three months. I'd been on and off a few (Orthotricyclen, Loestrin, one other) over the past couple years -- taking a break entirely for about 10 months. I found that I needed to be on something. Off the pill I was experiencing something akin to PMDD or just really wicked PMS. And horrible cramping. Before I was doing fine on the Ortho for years and years and then started to get crazy bad periods and cramps, ah, and acne. 

    I was suuuuuper skeptical of going on the 3-month cycle pill, but it's been the absolute best for me. No spotting. Short, light periods. Moderate cramping. Skin and hormones under control. Hope it keeps working. 

    I think this kind of a thing is so individual-specific that it might take a few tries before you find something that works for you. 

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  • Due to migraines, I was forced to really face my BC options a few years ago.  It came down: pill/patch/NuvaRing, IUD, or charting.

    IUDs come with hormones or without.  I'm uncomfortable with an IUD, but that's for personal reasons. Charting is okay, but I'm not ready to jump into all that.  I was left with the pill/patch/NuvaRing.  They are all the same two drugs (progestin and estrogen) just administered in different ways and in different amounts.  There are so many different kinds, brands, etc.

    I've been on a few different ones; they all have their side effects.  This is a trial and error situation, unfortunately, until you find the one that works for you.

    Your best bet is to talk to your doctor about your choices. 

  • I have an irregular cycle, and charted to avoid successfully for over a year.  I HIGHLY recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  Now we are TTC, and I'm really thankful I had that year of charting to avoid because it taught me a ton about my body.
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  • 1. Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

    2. Schedule an appointment with your OBGYN to discuss your concerns.

    FWIW, I have migraines and need to be on BCP to help with them. (Some are hormone related, many are not for me). I have no problems with BCP. 

  • I have issues with the bc pills as well.  Emotional and acne.  It came down to a copper (non-hormone) IUD for me.  I didn't end up going with it because Dh got a vasectomy - we're done now with 3 kids.  But after my research and also asking on here that would have been my personal next step.  I've read TCOYF and charted to ttc and to avoid in-between kids, successfully.  I'm pretty regular though.
  • Thanks everyone! I know what book I'll be reading this month! Headed to the bookstore!
    Por Siempre

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