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WWIII in the NL!

Son of a @!#@*&;, how can a whole neighborhood light fire crackers and fire works ALL DAY!  My son couldn't nap because it seriously sounds like guns going off non stop.  I got out earlier and it smells like burning gun powder everywhere you go.

Who lets their kids just light fire crackers by themselves all day.  Seriously, these kids are like 10 with no parents around. 

I hate this day. 

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Re: WWIII in the NL!

  • It will go all night long too. I remember one year I watched a parent hold her two year old while he held a Roman Candle towards the lake. My first New Years I watched 5-8 year olds light tons of stuff off with little supervision. Stuff lit off by adults too. It went on till 3 am. Which I found highly amusing because Switzerland has a lot of noise restrictions. But those go out the window New Years and National Day.
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  • It's the same here. I really don't mind the smaller firecrackers and the pretty looking fireworks and I even kinda like the smell, but the kids in this neighborhood got their hands on some illegal stuff as well I think. Some really do sound like the whole friggin street is exploding.

    It's legal to play with fireworks this one day, between 10 am this morning 'til 2 am jan 1st I believe, which is why parents allow it this one day. I do recall doing the same when I was that age - my parents wouldn't allow me to get the real heavy duty fireworks though, just the fun little stuff that doesn't scare the bejeezus out of people. 

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    Eating our way through (northern) Italy on vacation

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  • I've actually got some reaaaally good stuff. But - I'm too scared to light them : p My dad will be doing that this evening!
  • It's the same in Spain. What scares the dickens out of me is when people are out at the bars, it's three am, and people are still tossing fireworks around. I'm surprised there's not many "x-number of people lost fingers last night" reports on the news. ILs were laughing at me when I was hollering at DH not to go near the firework which looked like the flame had gone out: "Aren't you American?" "Yeah, but your son doesn't have life insurance." I thought he was going to get a firework in the face.
  • The fireworks at midnight here were really super pretty though! They lasted about an hour (well, longer, but an hour of continuous pretty colors in the air) and we watched from our roof top terrace. We have a 4 story house and the 4th floor has a terrace attached which overlooks a large part of the city (basically except for a couple of high rises scattered around, everything else is 2-3 stories maximum, so you can see over everything!). This is the first year we went up there and it was so so cool!

    If you want to see how pretty it was, DH took a video, which you can find here  

    We didn't light any ourselves, and I can certainly do without the fireworks all day during the day, but around midnight it's magical!

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    AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers < br />

    What I'm looking forward to in 2012:

    eating our way through (northern) Italy on vacation.

    Eating our way through (northern) Italy on vacation

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  • That must be awesome! I had a great apartment on a hill my first year in Spain and I remember watching the fireworks go off until 1:30 in the city. My dad had gone to bed early thinking that since the city had no display, there'd be no fireworks. Boy was he ever wrong!


    The link didn't work for me. 

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