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has anyone tried the Monavie RVL weight loss system?

I haven't bitten the bullet and bought it yet but I'm wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with it. I've researched a lot and have found nothing but good reviews but I'm just looking for some more information. TIA!


Re: has anyone tried the Monavie RVL weight loss system?

  • How much googling have you done if you haven't found anything negative?

    Start with the Wikipedia page (which links to a lot of legit sources).  Nothing about Mona Vie has ever been scientifically proven.  It's unbelievably expensive.  It's a pyramid scheme.  It tastes disgusting.  Their biggest claim is that their juice contains high levvels of polyphenols...analyses have shown that levels aren't very high, and it is dramatically  more cost efficient to just eat berries (blueberries, raspberries, etc).

    In short...don't do it.  It's an enormous ripoff.

  • I haven't ever heard of that, but my opinion is that nothing beats healthy eating and exercise.  You might lose a few pounds short term, but do you really want to drink those shakes for the rest of your life?  Healthy diet and exercise can be sustained indefinitely.  There are so many ways to  make healthy eating delicious.  You can do fun things for exercise too: tennis, swimming, hiking, fun class at the gym, etc.  I figured out that I love running and yoga.  Good luck finding what works for you! 

    Just my two cents Stick out tongue

  • I prefer taking pills daily. Mine are eating right and exercising.
  • Thanks everyone, I will definitely do a lot more research!
  • I haven't tried the weight loss system specifically, but I've tried sample sips of the other stuff that Monavie offers thanks to my coworker (who used to sell the stuff, but thankfully that was short lived).  Any Monavie stuff I've sampled has tasted like butt, so I cant imagine the weight loss stuff is any better.  Plus, as Katie mentioned, their purported "results" are shaky at best...even my coworker says its a waste of money.  Exercising and eating healthy have worked a lot better for me.
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