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Lies your parents told you

I stole this from another board, but it sounds fun.


1.  That we had to wear bike helmets bc we would become mentally retarded from falling.  (My dad feels awful about this now, but he swore by it when we were little) 

2.  That bugs would come out of our hands if they weren't washed.

3.  That if we didn't get good grades, we would end up like our neighbor who was a check out girl at Shop and Save. 

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Re: Lies your parents told you

  • Foods and drinks (especially beer) would put hair on my chest. Obviously as a female, I did not want this and was too young to realize I was being duped. Perhaps this is why I dislike beer...

    I know there are more. I'll have to brainstorm a little more. 

  • The women I grew up with where pretty vocal about weird tips.

    1. If you stretch certain areas (ie your boobs, inner thighs, etc) you would get stretch marks.

    2. If you cracked your knuckles you would get "man-hands"

    I'm sure i'll think of more. If the knuckles thing ends up coming true, I'm screwed.


    <img src="[IMG][/IMG]" width="120px">
  • imageStellarStaylor:

    If the knuckles thing ends up coming true, I'm screwed.

    Same here.  My back, neck, and toes might be also...  Embarrassed



    I can't think of anything at the moment, but I'm sure I will later. 

  • When I was little, I wanted nothing more than to have a canopy bed. My mom always told me I couldn't have one because my ceiling was too low. This was total BS, but my mom was an expert at coming up with random excuses for why I couldn't have/do the things I wanted. For some reason, that's the one that sticks in my mind the most though.
    Whenever I hear Chesh's IRL name I think "Scissor" --MontereyBride
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