August 2006 Weddings
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Tell me about your New Years Plans again...

I know we already talked about this, but I forgot...

What all are you doing this weekend?

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Re: Tell me about your New Years Plans again...

  • I'm going over to a co-workers house tomorrow night. I get to hang with their adorable tiny kiddos....5 months and 19 months. SOOO cute. And then I'm not sure if we will be staying up until midnight. I've been so darn tired lately. I wanted to go to bed at 8 PM last night...but I did something else...which reminds me of a S/O...
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  • We don't have any plans this year. We have tickets to the Jets v Dolphins game for New Year's Day, and we have to leave the house by like 8am to get there in time and have a few beers before the game. So I doubt we will do much of anything NYE, probably just hang out in the house with the girls.
  • Awww! Last weekend I got to meet FI's old roommate's baby boy! He is 6 months old and so squishy and warm and cuuuuute. I held him while he fell asleep, then got to feed him a bottle when he woke up, and then his diaper leaked on my lap. It was lovely! haha

     I have no plans to share. I WANT to go out dancing with FI. I think there will be dancing at the bars within walking distance, which is nice. We shall see if FI is willing. I haven't been on a dance floor since... July? Back when I was single I went out every weekend. I looooove dancing!

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  • FI and I and a couple of friends are going to a bar near our house. They have an all-you-can-drink package and a shuttle that will bring you home at the end of the night. Should be fun!
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  • FI and I and some of our friends are going to my parent's annual NYE party. This year they are having a Mad Men/ Rat Pack theme. I'm going to wear something like one of these:

    But with a prettier lace and a slightly longer skirt:image


    But with a tea length skirt:image


    Or this:image



    This reminds me... I need to get FI a skinny tie! 

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  • House party/bonfire down the street with friends. So relieved it's low key. But I'm with you on staying up till midnight. I pretty much tag out of the day at 10:30...AT THE LATEST!
  • FI and I are trying to throw a party.  We've invited 4 whole people.  I'm not sure if anyone is actually coming, though. :P

     We just wanted to do something low-key and cheap. :) 

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  • We don't have plans. We are going to try to rest probably, H and I are sick.
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