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TGIF - New years edition

A SAHM friend of mine said the other day "Every day is a Tuesday", which is so true for me these days.  I probably wouldn't know what day of the week it was if it weren't for the B&M, Wishful and Thankful posts on here :)

I know we already shared our NYE plans, but what is everyone up to for the rest of the weekend? 

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Re: TGIF - New years edition

  • At this point, it looks like hanging out waiting for the baby. My only plans are acupuncture appts today and tomorrow and an appt with my midwife this afternoon.

    I may send S and A off to a hockey game tomorrow night just to give them something to do.

    Right now the last thing I want is the "first baby of 2012" title... Blegh 

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  • It's so true! I barely ever know what day it is anymore, T has to remind me or I am constantly having to look at a calendar to figure it out.

    Our weekend will consist of mostly unpacking and the the huge task of figuring out how to get rid of all these empty boxes and packing paper. So far empty boxes have taken over the entryway, so it's hard to get in and out the front door, and half the ones in the dining room are empty. I wish we could throw them in the garage or something, but the garage is stuffed right now too. Ugh, I really hate moving.

    On the bright side, I was able to find most of our kitchen stuff and unpacked it. Including the Keurig! I think it might be time to see if Baby A can handle some of the hot chocolate or hot apple cider k-cups we got for Christmas.

    Other than unpacking, I'm sure we'll go to mass on Sunday. And I think tonight we may try to drive through the town's light display show before they take it down.  

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  • Today we are going to an open house type luncheon thing at a Chinese restaurant for some friends of ours from Vancouver who are in town with their new baby.  Before we go there I have to finish my sewing project that is a gift for the baby :)

    Tomorrow and Sunday we have no plans really....waiting to see if something comes up to do for NYE, but we have to bring the little one with us so that limits our options quite substantially.  We may just stay in and have a Star Wars marathon as DH bought the box set on Blue Ray.  We are real rock stars! 

    Our Hip Dysplasia Blog: [url]http://mackenzieshipadventures.blogspot.ca/[/url]
  • lol I'm the same way, especially since Lance works shift, rather than weekdays. 

    I have to go back to town to take my computer back today since I plugged it in and the screen was broken... greeeeeeat. Hopefully this gets resolved quickly, because I'm starting to get impatient. 

    Tomorrow we're going over to Lance's auntie's house who always hosts NYE. I'll probably have to drag Lance's drunk ass out the door at a reasonable time so that Wyatt's routine isn't completely screwed.

     Sunday we have no plans yet.


  • Tonight I'm supposed to go over to someones house to watch the fights...blegh. I hate watching the fights. We'll see if I decide to do that.

    Saturday we are going out to eat with one of my best friends that came home from Ohio.Then our plan is to get pretty wasted...we'll see how that goes.

    I really need to finish painting my house.

    No plans Sunday or Monday yet...

  • My boss told me I can leave whenever I want today because I'm the only one working. I'm going to finish up a few things and then spend the afternoon cleaning the house up.

    Our plans for tomorrow got foiled a bit - we called too late to get reservations! - so we're just going to do apps and hang around/relax.

    Sunday, we've got a few friends coming over for lunch and games.

    Monday, we're doing lunch at MIL's and going to help her with all the obligatory funeral thank yous.



  • Today we're just hanging around, no real plans. Both of us are off from work until next Tuesday, so it's just whatever we feel like doing.

    Tomorrow we are headed back to CT for NYE with some friends. We're going to a hibachi restaurant for dinner and then our plans are still up in the air after that. Maybe a local bar (read Townie bar, lol) or just heading back to someone's house. Then we'll head back home either Sun or Mon morning.

  • Today we just need to get the car cleaned/gassed/packed and then we are good to go. We are leaving at 5 tomorrow...its an 8 hr drive and E is anxiously excited to get there. My only real plans are to make it there safely, find a good strawberry margarita and enjoy our weekend.
    Such a big boy!
  • Other than out NYE plans, we're just hanging out tomorrow. I'm planning to clean a bit and maybe run to the grocery store. Nothing exciting.

    Sunday is church and brunch at my grandparent's. We'll hang out there for a bit then head home to do nothing :)

    Monday we are both off and plan to, again, do nothing! Well, actually, I did bring home a teeny tiny bit of work, so I'd like to find time for that one of t hose days. 

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