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I started taking this in June (ish) and was previously on another bcp. Since then, I've had terrible (abnormal for me) symptoms - weight gain, bloating, gas pains, general feeling of ill health (nausea, light headedness, etc.), cramping (randomly and during sex), constipation, anxiety/mood swings, etc. I feel like I must be pregnant a lot (tests are negative)? but then I worry that maybe I'm one of those people who need a blood test. It's making me crazy. Has anybody had similar experiences with it?

I went on because I was attracted to the lessened period deal, but I'm going to call my doctor this week to go back on the old pill, or something. After giving it 6 months, I feel like my body should be used to it (whenever I try a new pill, it takes a few months to regulate). Is there a non-hormonal option that you've liked? I really like the pill in terms of regulating my period (before I went on it, I would get it VERY irregularly and it was awful).

Re: Seasonique

  • Ask your doctor if you can take a regular pill back to back. I used Seasonale for years then started having breakthrough bleeding. Tried Seasonique when it came out and that didn't work. So my doctor gave me Ortho-Cyclen and every other month I skip the placebos
  • My insurance will only pay for 1 pack per month of regular pills, which is why I was never able to do that. I'll ask if she has samples to give me, but the pharmacy only has generics of what I was taking, and I'm guessing a dr. would only have the drug reps brand names? I'll bring it up though and see what she says.
  • FMIL is a obgyn, seasonique is the EXACT SAME THING as the normal ortho pill but without placebos. Sounds like you are going through normal birth control disruptions, either stick it through or go back.

    If you have more reactions to hormonal birth controls, try Mirena or Nuvaring.

  • I was on Seasonale (same thing basically) and had the same exact side effects, except I only took it 2 months. I had horrible low back pain and went to the doctor. She sent me for X-rays and I was constipated badly. (tmi sorry) I found out man other people had these same issues, so I called the doctor and she switched my pill. 
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  • I tried seasonique.  Tried it for 9 months and was miserable - had breakthrough bleeding for about 3 weeks each 3 month cycle.  It was horrible.

    I think it's awesome for some people, but other people's bodies just cannot get used to it.  Sounds like it may be back to the pill for you, my dear.

  • I started it about six weeks ago, and so far I hate it because I've been bleeding for the past two weeks.  It's usually light, but it's been heavy like a regular period on a couple days.  It's annoying because the entire reason I went on this pill was to only have my period four times a year.  I'm not willing to live with randomly bleeding.  At least with the regular pill I know exactly when I'm going to have my period.

    I'm going to give it through the entire pack, but if I keep bleeding off and on through the whole pack, I might switch to the regular pill.

    A non-hormonal birth control that I like very much is the Today Sponge. 

  • Have you considered a low-dose BCP?  I switched to Loestrin FE 24 after having an awful 6 months on a Yazmin generic (was on another pill for 10+ years with no issues until some breakthrough bleeding) and I don't get my period at all.  No spotting, nothing.  My Dr. said it's not unusual with a low dose pill for some women, and it won't affect my fertility down the road.  Just something to consider.
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