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S/O QOTD - Worst Present

I know this is such a first world problem, but what was your worst gift this year?

Re: S/O QOTD - Worst Present

  • My MIL is usually really good with the presents she gets us, and she did give us lovely presents but one was a little off - image

  • My aunt, who always gives slightly strange gifts, gave me a set of glass perfume bottles. I'm not really a perfume person, and when I remember to put some on, I just use the bottle it comes in.

    They are pretty but will contribute to clutter in my house. I'll either donate to Goodwill or save for a white elephant exchange.

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  • My mom got me these giant penguin slippers.  I had one pair of bunny slippers years ago, and ever since then, she has insisted on getting me these big animal slippers. 


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  • PJs that will fit LO in the summer that are winter-weight, made of polystester and thus covered in fire-retardant chemicals, and feature Elmo; along with an Elmo potty training book. None of that probably sounds too off, save that it 100% doesn't reflect our no TV, eco-friendly, ECing family. My sister said she just bought it because it was cheap, not because she thought it was a great gift, LOL! The good news is that they will make some other little child very happy!
    From loss and infertility to two under two!




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  • I did a very minimal gift exchange this year, so I didn't get any duds. I got one gift from my parents (something I specifically asked for) and one awesome thing from DH, plus some chocolate in my stocking. No complaints here.

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  • it's more that my mom never puts much thought into our gifts or even just getting a gift card and wrapping it. or looking at an amazon wishlist. i'd rather she just give us a nice card (with nothing) instead of trying to order something on amazon while we're supposed to be unwrapping presents on christmas day. it came off as completely thoughtless to me. 
  • imageWinesNotWhines:

    I did a very minimal gift exchange this year, so I didn't get any duds. I got one gift from my parents (something I specifically asked for) and one awesome thing from DH, plus some chocolate in my stocking. No complaints here.

    this would be a perfect situation.  I would love to only get a few quality gifts instead of the loads of little "cute" things that I get and that I don't have any use for....

  • Every year, my aunt gets me holiday bathroom towel sets.  I have 8 or 9 now.  I don't have nearly that many bathrooms.  At least this year's appear to have come from Target, so I may try to take them back.  It's become a joke for DH and I when I open her presents - every year holiday towels and a set of scratchy pajamas.

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  • If we can include gifts to our kids, M got some clothes that will be out of season by the time he fits into them, and other clothes that will be too small by the time it's warm enough to wear them. But I know it's hard to shop for clothes for little kids who grow so quickly. Thankfully some of the clothes came with gift receipts, so we can exchange them for the right sizes.
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  • No real duds this year, although my mom bought me a belt that was too small and my in laws sent me two sets of slippers since they didn't know my size.  My brother did buy my DD a giant playhouse castle, which she will love but it is giant.  When I called to thank my SIL, she said that I was one of the few people she would buy something huge for.  I have no idea if that is a compliment....
  • I really do not like the necklace and earrings DH gave me.
  • Our whole house came down with a cold, for the second time in a month. Complete with cranky baby with fever, and out of town travel.

    That's all I've got since we didn't exchange a lot of gifts this year, but it sucks the big one.

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  • imageSecretServiceWife:

    This, with matching pants.

    I clicked and now it is the sidebar on my Yahoo mail, LOL!

    From loss and infertility to two under two!




    <a href="http://moregreenforlessgreen.blogspot.com">

    MoreGreenForLessGreen</a> <i>Living more eco-friendly for less

  • imageosumelissa:
    I really do not like the necklace and earrings DH gave me.

    :(  Can you exchange it?
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  • I got a daybyday trivia calendar of my favorite football team.  I get this  every year from DH and I even told him I didn't want it anymore b/c I don't even open it.  But there it was.  le sigh.

    He did do really well by a couple of novelty Tshirts he got (although one would have sufficed for what he was going for..... for those who watched Friday Night Lights, it was a Tim Riggins Tshirt (total score!) and a Dillon Panthers Tshirt.)

  • My SIL had asked what to get DS and I told her a toddler sized hooded towel (he has outgrown his baby one).  She gave us a hooded blanket that's 100% polyester... I guess she probably thought it was a towel or maybe it was in a towel section of the store, but last I checked, 100% polyester doesn't absorb water.  I like my SIL though, so it's hard to be too snarky about it.

    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
  • oh dear, I hope I don't seem like a super biotch

    MIL gave me this - http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/14k-gold-necklace-blue-topaz-6-1-5-ct.-t.w.-diamond-accent-pear-brio-pendant?ID=544147&amp;CategoryID=9569&amp;LinkType=#fn=STONE=Blue Topaz&sp=1&spc=23&ruleId=61&slotId=18

    I don't wear jewelry other than my ering/band and diamond studs.I'm going to return it and get some KA attachments.

    last year she got a lot of make up -- I don't wear much ... maybe she was trying to tell me something.


  • Oh wait!  From my other SIL (who I don't like very much) - a tin of a variety of homemade cookies, 90% of which tasted disgusting.  I certainly don't mind a homemade gift in lieu of something store-bought, but I don't expect to gag on my Christmas gift.  I know she knits and makes beaded jewelry - I wonder if I can put in a request for next year for a gift that is not of the food variety?
    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
  • I got a few weird things from SIL, but that's no surprise.  :)

    I was happy that she brought croissants from Whole Foods for brunch, and brought me flowers.  And, that I generally like her.  So - no complaints here.

  • my sister gave me a set of 4 square crystal votive holders. they are very pretty, but I'm not at all into candles and I just don't do set-arounds. And even if I was, with a toddler in the house and another baby on the way, it would be a loooooong time before I started having candles out as a part of my decor--especially candles in heavy, crystal holders with sharp, squarey edges. 

    She gave a similar set to our other sister who has a new baby and a son the same age as Warner. I can't fathom why she thought these would be good gifts for us.

    Oh, and like some of the pp, MIL gave Warner some super thick fleece pjs that are sized so they will probably fit him perfectly this summer. Perfect.

  • Dear Mrs.Habious,

    Nothing too terrible here. My MIL loves to get me clothes, which is fine. But I hardly know my style. I can't expect someone else to know my style. Aaaand she missed the mark on this one. It's not bad. I'm just not tall and slender like the model. It kind of makes me look like the mom on Caillou--completely shapeless. Looks like crap with any of the pants I own, and I refuse to buy leggings (again, NOT tall and slender).

    She gave J a gift receipt for all of his items, buuuuuuuttt.,. no GR for mine. I still have two Macy's GC's from her: one leftover from the TWO pair of jammies she sent me last year, and a GC for my birthday this year. I need to find time to go shopping.

    image imageShop Flop,



    edit: apparently, I can't use that link. http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/style-co.-sweater-three-quarter-sleeve-marled-knit-tunic?ID=601746&PseudoCat=se-xx-xx-xx.esn_results

  • I really don't prefer getting anything edible for Christmas because a lot of my students give me baked goods. I feel really bad because it's VERY sweet that they think of me at all (I'm not a classroom teacher), but DH and I cannot physically eat 30 cookies, 40 pieces of chocolate, 4 bags of pretzel hershey kiss things, 2 bags of chex mix, etc. On top of that, we got a huge box of chocolate from a friend and another bag of chocolates from my parents. If I could just get cute homemade ornaments or $5 Starbucks giftcards or something, I wouldn't have to feel guilty about tossing all the treats. I know they spend a lot of time making everything so I do feel bad...ok, getting off my first world problem soapbox now. :)
  • imageSecretServiceWife:

    This, with matching pants.


    LOL - I got black velour pants!

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  • Nothing yet.  I do have to return the beater blade MIL got me as it doesn't fit my KitchenAid but she meant well and I will eventually get the right one after I return it and she orders me a new one.

    However I may come back to this thread next week after this weekend since my dad's wife is a bargain shopper so we usually get a bunch of cheap junk that I can't use anyway or just breaks or is too big for a small space that we currently live in.

  • Mariah Carey's perfume.
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  • For some reason I can't post from my new (to me - hand me down from DH) smart phone) so I am finally catching up on posting.

    I didn't really get any dud gifts this year. MIL did get me a matching hoodie and yoga pant set, but they are a cute color and I probably will wear them, just not together.

    The most annoying thing is that DH's dad and step-mom just threw our gifts in a box and mailed them - not even wrapped - and didn't warn us ahead of time. So of course we got the boxes in the mail (one from them and one from DH's grandma - which means step-MIL picked it out and put her name on it) and opened them up to put the gifts under the trees - and there were the gifts. They're nice enough, but I'm annoyed that they couldn't take 10 minutes to wrap the stuff first.

  • Tie between two gifts, both from my mom. She bought the complete bedroom outfit of Flag theme (as in, the american flag) complete with a flag quilt,  navy sheets, pillow shams, bed skirt and curtains. Not only am I not patriotic for the bedroom, but we have a yellow lab that sleeps with us on our bed. Navy will NOT cut it in our room. 

     Second gift is the "PINK" method weight loss program. My mom knows I love weight watchers but since I've been off the program for a while and gaining weight back, my mom must have assumed that it wasn't working and decided to get me this program. She saw it on Dr. Phil apparently it's "all the rage"


    *sigh* love my mom, but whoa...  

    carrie ~ me-at-carrie.cc ~ 4/21/2007
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  • I can't believe I forgot this one. For several years when we were living away from home, DH's dad sent us hams (from honeybaked ham) for Christmas. The first year, DH told him we appreciated it, but that I did not eat ham. We served it at a party. The second year, it happened again, DH thanked him but pointed out that I don't eat ham, FIL said he forgot and we served it at a party. This continued for a few years, then for the past two years he didn't do it since we were living back east and had family to visit for the holiday.

    This year, what shows up? A ham. DH has the same conversation with his dad. We will serve the ham at our party next week. At this point, it's pretty funny, but really it's a waste. Even if I did eat ham, a huge ham for two people is too much.

    Next year we're planning to remind DH's dad after Thanksgiving that I don't eat ham and we don't really even need anything. But, if he wants to contribute to our holiday meal (which is all he's trying to do - make sure that we have a nice meal when we're on our own) he could send the Honeybaked turkey breast or even just a giftcard so we can choose our own meal.

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