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Do you own, rent, or live on base?

Just curious.

We live in base housing.


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Re: Do you own, rent, or live on base?

  • We own but we're a Reserve family.
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  • We live on base. 
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  • We recently bought. That decision was largely based on lack of rentals, none that accept pets, and we only qualify for a 2 BR on base and the yards are too small to play with our dogs. The market here is extremely strong. 
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  • We rent off base. 
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  • We have two weeks left renting through PPH since there isn't any base housing where we live.  

    We are buying a house at our next station and close next week (fingers crossed!) 

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  • We live in base housing. 

    For living in a shabby town, the cost of renting here is ridiculously high.  We will not buy unless we are in an area we plan to settle down in after DH retires. PCS moves can be stressful, and I don't want the added burden of trying to sell or rent a house.

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  • we live in base housing here (Travis AFB)  and really like it.
  • We own, but we were a NG family while my H was also in ROTC.  H is now AD and will be PCSing and will most likely live off base (unless they make an exception to the 2 pet rule at the base we are going to as we have 3 dogs).  We will rent out our house here in Vegas when we move.
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  • We rent off base.

  • We rent off base. We have 2+ animals so we can't live on base. We don't mind too much though. I really like the house we are in and its perfect for our needs right now (several bedrooms + a big fenced in backyard for the dogs to run and play in)
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  • We own but DH has been out of the MC for 2.5 years now and we decided to buy in an area that is close to our parents but far enough away to be away. When we purchased we found a house that we will grow into and we really feel like it could be our forever home.
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  • We are AD AF and we own a few houses-- we try to buy wherever we go and keep them as rental properties-- we are NOT buying here in Guam, but we rent off base.

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  • I will continue to rent as long as they allow us.  I have no desire to ever live on base.
  • We rent off base. Our base housing has mold and asbestos problems. Since DD has lung issues, we weren't risking it. 
  • Rental. You aren't allowed to purchase land in this country unless 1) you are a citizen or 2) married to a citizen.

  • We live on an AF base although my husband is Army. I love living on base here.
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  • We live on base, but own a rental property in NC.   The thought of living off base with out a "real" ( americanized) kitchen and how small it all is makes me want to cry.  Even though our on base housing is a little less than halfway as big as our old house and doesn't have a yard or central heat and air, it's still more like home than off base would be!

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  • We live off base in a rental bc we both receive bah and are able to pocket a lot of it. It is out goal to purchase a home at our next duty station and rent it out when we leave. As much as I would love to buy a home now we live in Hawaii and it's just so expensive.
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  • We own.  
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  • We rent. We used to own a place in San Diego but thank God we were able to get rid of it last year. We'd owned it since '05.... the peak of the market... ha!
  • We own, but the market is really strong here, COL is low, and H is ets-ing in a matter of months.
  • We own but H has been at this post for 8 years and won't be PCSing for several more. 

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  • Rent off base. H wanted to feel like he was leaving work since he went from the AFA dorms to single dorms on base for a couple years. We really love our place.
  • When we get to KS we want to live on base, if we can't get a house we are going to rent off. We threw around the idea of buying, and we might if we like it there.
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  • Own (but DW was just a contractor)

  • We own. It was cheaper to buy here than rent the same kind of house.
  • We rent an apartment off base.
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  • We have an apartment off base. its ok 

    Previously, we had a house on base, and I loved it.

    In the future, we will probably continue to live off base, especially if I join (although if that ends up not working out, I would not be oppossed to living on base)

    I dont have any desire to buy any time soon.

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